Apple Park: Apple’s new campus

apple park campus 2
New Apple Campus - Apple Park

Welcome to Apple Park Campus, the futuristic campus designed by Steve Jobs. Apple Park is the Apple’s new campus and will soon be open in Silicon Valley.

The Apple Park Campus was designed by Steve Jobs to stimulate creativity and collaboration within his teams. Apple Park will be open to its employees from April 2017. The Apple new campus it was called Apple Campus 2 until a few months before its opening.

Apple park campus drone footage view
Apple Park Campus view from top


It was Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs himself, who invented this green building for the company’s employees as a center for promoting collaborative creativity.

Apple Park has innovative futuristic architectural construction

The futuristic building of Apple Park Campus forms a gigantic ring made of metal and the largest curved glass panels in the world. At the first sight, the new apple campus looks like a giant spaceship landed on the ground.

The futuristic building forms a gigantic ring made of metal and the largest curved glass panels in the world. The first employees will be able to settle there in April as indicated by Apple, the suite will spread little by little over the following 6 months.

apple park campus 2
Apple park campus Bird’s eye view and site area


Apple park campus location

Beyond the futuristic construction, the Apple Park will be located in a peaceful haven of peace. The Apple Park campus is located in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, which is already home to Apple’s current headquarters.

It is located on a suburban site. The total campus area is 70,000 hectares. With an area of ​​260,000 square meters (useful space), it is planned to accommodate nearly 12,000 employees.

apple park campus 2
Apple Park Campus construction site


New Apple campus environment

The environment of the Apple Park is idyllic and would make any employee dream: in the heart of a huge park with 9,000 trees planted there are also 3 kilometers of walking and running, one fitness center, a public cafe, an Apple Store, and underground car parks.

“We have achieved one of the best energy-saving buildings in the world and the campus will be fully run on renewable energy”, said Tim Cook – Apple’s current CEO.

apple park campus green cover
Apple Park Campus building and trees


As of now, only 20% of the apple park campus is eco-green space. By the end of construction, it is supposed to be having 80% of green cover.

Apple Campus Facilities

This new Apple Campus is equipped with a bunch of facilities.

  • The campus will be house to seven cafes. The biggest three-level cafe can accommodate 3,000 people.
  • A wellness center that can easily serve up to 20,000 employees. It houses a gym, laundry service, group sessions’ rooms and much more.
  • The parking space in Apple new campus is apparently more than the offices in campus.
  • An amphitheater of 1000 seats, another architectural jewel named Steve Jobs Theater in memory of Steve Jobs, will open a little later in the year.

Energy Supply in Apple Park Campus

Indeed, the entire campus will be powered using renewable energies. It will be using the power generated from solar panels which will be producing 17 megawatts energy.

It will also feature the world’s largest natural ventilation building, scheduled to operate 9 months out of 12 without heating or air conditioning.

Apple Park campus solar panelling
Solar Paneling at rooftop of new Apple Campus – Apple Park


Apple Park Campus Address

The address of Apple Park – Apple’s new Campus is:

19111 Pruneridge Avenue,
Cupertino, California – 95014

Apple Park Cost

The total cost of this amazing and futuristic new Apple campus is approximately USD 5 Billion. The estimated cost of land is said to be USD 160 million.

Apple Park Campus Drone footage