watchOS 3.2 – All You Need To Know Before Upgrading

apple watchos 3.2 features


Latest watchOS 3.2 makes the Apple watches less for the show off while adding more to its features. The new Apple watchOS 3.2 has theater mode and more amazing features.

The latest update for the OS of Apple watches is available now. The new Watch OS 3.2 is rolling out today and is being talked about for two main features. Two new amazing features that are added to the OS update of the smartwatch are: Theater Mode and SiriKit. Apple had released the big update of watchOS 3 in the September month of 2016. After the release of watch 3 update, the watch os 3.2 release is the second biggest update.

Recently Apple announced about the Apple Park Campus, the new campus of Apple which was designed by Steve Jobs himself.

Theater Mode in watchOS 3.2

Since the release of watchOS 3.2 beta versions over the past few months, the Theater Mode is one feature that is being talked about the most. If you are aware about some features of apple watch ios then you would know the ‘raise-to-wake’ feature.

Raise to wake feature enabled the user to activate / turn ON the screen of apple smartwatch by raising their hand. Looking at the things practically, this feature was actually causing more problem to users rather than helping them. Every time user moved their hand for some usual work, the watch screen would turn ON. The new Theater Mode feature in the watchOS 3.2 solves the problems caused by ‘raise-to-wake’.

The Theater Mode feature allows you to mute the sounds and deactivate the raise-to-wake feature of the apple smartwatch. This means that when you twist the wrist or raise your hand to check the time on the watch, the screen will not light up automatically. In the earlier versions of watch os, simple gestures and usual movements of hand caused the lights to turn up or make some sound of alerts. All these problems can be solved using the Theater mode on WatchOS 3.2 update.

The theater mode will not stop the watch from sending out notifications or alerts. You can still check the new alerts and notification messages but turning on the smartwatch display manually.

Activating Theater Mode in watchOS

apple watchos 3.2 theater mode

Turning on the new theater mode on your smartwatch is really easy. In order to activate this mode you will have to swipe upwards from the bottom of the apple watch display screen. This swiping up will reveal some button icons for different settings. By tapping on the button of drama masks you can activate the theater mode on your appple watch 3.2. As soon as you turn off the mode, watch will revert back to its usual settings and things would work in the same way as before.

SiriKit on Apple watchOS 3.2 update

If you know about iOS devices, you know about Siri – the virtual assistant on Apple devices. SiriKit feature allows Siri to take voice commands for the third-party applications. Earlier the SiriKit was solely available on the iOS devices. With the latest release of watchOS 3.2 update, apple has brought this amazing facility to its smartwatches too.

Having the SiriKit on apple watch would mean that, now you can ask Siri (on your apple watch) to do more things. Things like making a payment, messaging someone can now be done by asking Siri for it.

App developers and the SiriKit

In order to make the most use of the SiriKit, the app developers should develop the extensions by making use of the Intents and Intents UI framework of Apple. This will help the third-party app developers to add more capabilities to their own apps. It will help all users to do more using the Siri from their apple watch ios.

How to update watchOS 3.2

update watchos 3.2 apple watch

The apple watch ios software update to watchos 3.2 is available on all the models of Apple Watch. But in order to download the latest software update, you must have an iPhone which is running on iOS 10 or later. To update the software, open the ‘Apple Watch’ app on your iPhone. After opening this app, go to the ‘General’ tab and then go for the ‘Software Update’. Before you start downloading the new watch os update on your apple watch, make sure your apple watch is charged to at least 50 percentage of battery. It is advised to keep the watch connected to charger during the software update process.