Do A Barrel Roll

keep calm and do a barrel roll

Do A Barrel Roll is the most well known Google Easter Egg. But wait, there is much more to it then just an Easter Egg.

A Barrel Roll is basically a combination of rolling and looping. So whenever, something or someone is said to Do A BARREL ROLL all it does is, circling around its own axis along with moving ahead in rounds.

There is a difference between an AILERON ROLL and a BARREL ROLL. People usually confuse between those two roll methods. In the image below, you can see a plane doing barrel roll and aileron roll.

aileron roll vs barrel roll

Google do a Barrel Roll

The most easiest way to understand how to do a barrel roll, is to ask Google for it. Yes, you heard it right. Google can do a Barrel roll. Here’s what you got to do for it.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type in ‘Do a barrel roll’
Step 3: Hit Search button.

Enjoy my friend!! Hahaha.

do a barrel roll google you are drunk

Barrel roll while pouring tea

Bob Hoover is an all time rudder pilot and can possibly fly anything that has got wings. By, anything that has got wings, I literally mean anyTHINGS. so don’t ask me which birds did he fly on. Apart from the love of flying Bob Hoover loves tea very much. Below is a video of Bob Hoover pouring tea from a jar while doing a barrel roll in an airplane.

The Barrel Roll Swag is so much popular that the phrase is being used at multiple places for many different purpose. There are games with that name. There is even a band going popular by the name ‘Do A Barrel Roll’.

Internet is already flooded by people doing barrel rolls in different places in different manners. An yes, there are do a barrel roll memes too.

Barrel Roll: Not always the best solution


I said, Do a Barrel Roll

I said do a barrel roll

What if I told you, that the Barrel Roll in Starfox is actually not a Barrel Roll, but an Aileron Roll!!

do a barrel roll in starfox is aileron roll

Barrel Roll: always the best solution

do a barrel roll always best solution

Well, you can even the barrel roll swag in movies. Here’s one you’ll know for sure.

Do A Barrel Roll moment of Inception Movie

Do A Barrel Roll moment in Inception Movie

As you saw above that Google can do a Barrel Roll. Some Bing users are very pissed because of this fact, as Bing cannot do a Barrel roll like Google.

Bing, why you don’t do Barrel Roll?!Bing, why you don't do a Barrel Roll?!

Sometimes, it’s just too risky

cars do a barell roll

Some people never get it.

Barrel Roll – You’re doing it wrong

do a barrel roll - you're doing it wrong

No, I mean REALLY do a barrel roll!!

I mean REALLY do a barrel roll

Finally, the moment when you give up, surrender but still got swag.

All right, I’ll do a Barrel Roll. Just stop asking! Tell me you’re happy now!!

do a barrel roll

Do a Barrel Roll and share this with everyone.


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