International Women’s Day 2017

International Women's Day 2017


International Women’s Day History

The International Women’s Day first came into existence in the year 1909 in the United Sates, says United Nations. Back then it was observed on 28th of February, as a National Women’s Day.

The Socialist Party of America had designated the National Women’s Day, to honor a strike of 1908 by the garment workers. The strike was observed by women and they demanded for better working conditions.

Right from its origin until 1970s, International Women’s Day was primarily being celebrated by China, Soviet Russia and other such communist states. The day found its global importance only after the United Nations adopted it in 1975. United Nations took this step to address problem of gender inequalities all around the world. This made the International Women’s Day reach its worldwide followers.

International Women’s Day 2017

#BeBoldForChange. Yes, that is the slogan for the event this year. This year it is an urge to stand together and continue the fight for women’s right that has already seen millions of women and supporters marching for rights of women.

Join hands to bring the change this year and help it go a step ahead.