Reliance Jio Prime Offer Launched, another 12 months of unlimited benefits

reliance jio prime offer

New subscribers and existing subscribers of Jio who were to get benefit up to March 31, can now enroll into the newly launched Reliance Jio Prime Offer by paying Rs. 99.00 as single time fee.

The enrollment for Reliance Jio Prime Offer is going to open on 1st March, 2017 and will end on 31st March, said Mr Ambani.

From 1st April, 2017 JIO would start charging it customers but is now offering service at reduced price for those customers who enroll for its newly launched Prime Offer by the end of March 2017.

Reliance Jio SIM Cards

Noteably, the free services of Reliance JIO was to end by 31st December 2016. It was later announced by Mr Ambani that the free services were extended till March 31, 2017 under the Jio’s Happy New Year offer.

Mr Ambani said that the fun of unlimited services will continue, describing the Prime offer benefits. The Prime Offer members will get free services till March 2018. Reports say that the Jio subscriber base has reached 100 millions in just about 6 months of the launch.

Jio is planning to offer better value at the best possible prices. Reportedly, Jio users are consuming data over 100 crore GBs each month which makes India number one in mobile data usage terms.

Jio is planning to increase its data capacity in the forthcoming months in order to expand its network reach more people and at more places. Reliance Jio network is going to be present in possibly all rural and urban areas of India and trying to cover 99 percent of the population.

Competitor telecom companies are against Jio’s free services and have taken the matter to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and fair trade regulator CCI (Competition Commission of India). Jio had launched its first services on 5th September, 2016. Since its first launch, its customers are using free services of voice and data.