San Jose Flooding: Dozens Rescued by Boat


Monday’s storm, the portion of a string of atmospheric river events, struck fragments of California hard abruptly. San Jose Flooding affected areas from Los Angeles to Sacramento. The heavy amounts of water, no matter how necessitated, turn out too much and resulted in severe flooding of low-lying regions.

On Tuesday morning, localities in San Jose had to be emptied after Coyote Creek flooded past its bank thus flooding homes and apartments.  Dozens had to be rescued by teams operational in water that was often chested deep.

Beyond north, farmers managed tractors to shore up a threatened levee in California’s agricultural heartland, officials opened a spillway at the Don Pedro reservoir for the first time in 20 years, and a Sierra Nevada highway susceptible to breakdown after the recent downpours enlarged waterways, leaving almost half of the state under flood advisories.The flooded zone sits beside Coyote Creek, some 20 miles downstream from Anderson Reservoir, which is so full that water has been flowing down its raceway filling the creek to flooding.

The floodwaters also affected a miles-long traffic jam, the closing line of traffic of U.S. 101.
As per the Santa Clara Valley Water District website, initial readings signified the reservoir was at 105.5 percent of volume on Tuesday afternoon and the water level was nearly 4 feet above the top of a spillway which prompted an evacuation of more than 100,000 people downstream.

City officials had no reports of grievances, fatalities or people missing, said Vossbrink, who anticipated at least 300 homes were smashed by flooding. The next heavy storm is foreseeable to hit Northern California this weekend, said weather officials.