Spotify buys French AI startup Niland for better music recommendations

Spotify buys Niland for better music recommendations

Niland’s algorithms allow computers to listen to music like a human.

Even though Spotify’s competitors today are numerous, it remains difficult to compete with this leader in music streaming.

In addition to its extensive catalog, the platform has also developed features of unique suggestions, such as the Week Discovery or Release Radar.

And these suggestions are likely to become even more interesting (and unbeatable) thanks to a new acquisition:

Spotify buys Niland for better music recommendations

In a blog post, Spotify says the Niland team will now be working in its New York offices to help the company “continue to innovate and improve recommendation and customization technologies…”. “Their innovative approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning is perfect for Spotify”, adds the streaming platform.

Based in Paris, Niland specializes in machine learning. In essence, this startup has developed a technology that, she says, allows computers to listen to music like a human.

“Our unique technology extracts meaningful information from your tracks and turns them into usable data. Whenever our algorithms analyze the audio content, they naturally learn and reinforce themselves, “reads the Niland website.

In order to boost its recommendations systems, Spotify regularly buys start-ups like Niland. In March, for example, the company acquired Sonalytic, a startup that has developed a music identification technology capable of functioning despite changes in tempo, pitch, adding background noise, distortion, Filters or other effects.