Tinder purchases Wheel, an app that may remind you of Snapchat

tinder App

Tinder will soon release a video feature.

All social networks, including Facebook, are obsessed with video. And although it is not really in this category, Tinder is also interested in format.

The company, online dating specialist, has just formalized the acquisition of Wheel. Very little known, this application, whose owner would have already raised more than 3 million dollars, shows some resemblances with Snapchat, the favorite application of teenagers and young adults.

This is a collaborative messaging and video application, with somewhat similar functionality to Snapchat Stories ( the feature that was imitated by Facebook and Instagram ).

tinder acquires wheel

According to Variety, thanks to this deal, Tinder will release video features and a new way for singles to make connections.

Paul Boukadakis, one of the co-founders, becomes Tinder’s Vice-President of Special Initiatives. Asked by Business Insider, he says the negotiations began a few months ago after he showed his application to Tinder’s boss, Sean Rad. “There was a lot of synergy between what we were doing and what they (Tinder) were doing,” he said. In addition to Boukadakis, three other members of the Wheel team will join the Tinder employees.

For the moment, it is not yet clear what Tinder could propose with this acquisition. But the fact that he is launching into video and perhaps his own version of the Snapchat Stories is already encouraging for the users.

Currently, Tinder has 1.7 million paying users. Each day it would make 26 million matches between people and since the creation of the app, 20 billion games have been counted.