Comcast/XFINITY Speed Test Review

XFINITY Speed Test

Xfinity logo.svgThe Comcast Speed Test, aka the XFINITY Speed Test, is an Internet speed test offered by Comcast. This Speed test is absolutely free which lets you use web-based tool that you can utilize to check how much available bandwidth to the Internet you have at present.

In other words, the usage of the Comcast speed check lets you obtain a generic idea of how instantly you’re able to download and upload data over the Internet, which impacts how nicely movies and music stream, how quickly files download, and even how smooth and easy your regular Internet surfing is.

Comcast’s Internet speed test at now does speed tests over both IPv6 and IPv4 and displays the results distinctly.  This is a free test that anybody can use, irrespective of being a Comcast customer or not.  Definitely, for the IPv6 test to work you want to either have innate IPv6 connectivity from your ISP or you need to have an IPv6 tunnel for your network.  Without that, you’ll just get a normal old IPv4 test.

How to Use the Comcast Speed Test Tool?

XFINITY Speed Test gives you a good rate of accuracy of the speed test results. It’s a user-friendly tool with a simple interface. Using the Comcast Speed Test tool is very simple:

  1. Visit the Speed Test page via the XFINITY website. Click on ‘Start Test’ Button. It will hardly take 15 seconds to check your download and upload speed. And you’ll get the test report instantly.
  2. You can even change your location by clicking on ‘Advanced Test Settings’ once the speed test for you gets done for the first time. You can select any location from the drop down menu which appears after clicking on ‘Advanced Test Settings’.
  3. Click on ‘Test Again’ button to recheck your internet speed.XFINITY Speed Test

If you’re intending on benchmarking your Internet speed with the Comcast Speed Test, click or tap the COPY URL button and then paste the copied URL into a word or notepad file to save it for your reference next time.

You’ll require having Flash installed and enabled to use the Xfinity Speed Test. You’ll also require having JavaScript enabled in your browser. These two things are enabled by default in most of the computers.

How the Comcast Speed Test Works

Like almost all Internet speed tests, the Comcast Speed Test downloads and uploads a comparatively minor chunk of test data and gauges how long it takes to do so.

Some simple math concerning the size of the data packages, in addition to the time they took to download or upload, gives a speed in Mbps.

In addition to upload and download speeds, the Comcast Speed Test also examines network latency. In contrast to some other bandwidth tests, the Comcast Speed Test will also inform you the peak download and upload rate attained during the test.

Unlike OOKLA Speed test, the Comcast Speed Test associates to the nearest of 26 Comcast hosted test servers to accomplish the test of your Internet speed and latency.

XFINITY Speed Test & Comcast Speed Test

The XFINITY Speed Test is the Comcast Speed Test. The Comcast Speed Test is the XFINITY Speed Test. They’re one and the same.

XFINITY is the alternate name given to the majority of Comcast’s consumer services, one of which is XFINITY Internet. Comcast renamed their Comcast services as XFINITY in the beginning of 2010.

It had been years since the name had been changed, the XFINITY Speed Test is still more often represented to as the Comcast Speed Test.XFINITY Speed Test

“Can I utilize the Comcast Speed Test if I’m not a Comcast/XFINITY premium user?”

Yes! The Comcast Speed Test is accessible for anyone which lets user test their browsing speed.

“Is the Comcast Speed Test accurately? Is it better than other Internet Speed tests?”

With countless variables that impact your Xfinity Speed Test results, it’s almost impracticable to say it is 100% precise. But it’s very close to perfect and much better than other speed tests tools.