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A young girl named Viktoria recently discovered that not all of the animals at Russia’s Butterflies Park petting zoo are suitable for stroking NYpost.com reported

In a viral video, five-year-old Viktoria was engaging with a rufous beaked snake when the predatory reptile curled around her neck and bit her in the face.

A service worker removed the reptile, a mildly venomous East African variety, only after she was bitten, and the girl was sent to a hospital for treatment. The snake’s venom is weak, and the bite is no more painful than a syringe prick. Hospitalization was done as a precaution.


She is 5 years old.

Is Litter Viktoria Ok?

Photo By East2West

Vladimir, Viktoria’s father, said to the wire service East2West, “We called an ambulance and took the child to hospital to be examined,”

“The zoo staff said that the snake does not attack people at all.”

For her pains, Viktoria was given a face bandage.

Photo Credit: e1.ru

It’s unclear why the snake, which zookeepers claim had never harmed anyone before, decided to bite the child, but it’s conceivable it had something to do with what was in her stomach: Before handling the snake, Viktoria apparently ate a chicken supper.

Before going on to the reptiles, she had been playing with the petting zoo’s chicks. East2West reported on reptile expert Ekaterina Uvarova, “Snakes are very sensitive to smell,”

“If it was hungry and the girl smelled of prey like chicks, this might provoke the snake to bite her.”

Another explanation, according to Uvarova, is that the snake suffered from the reptile equivalent of a panic attack as a result of “over attention” from tourists. She demanded that petting zoos be banned.

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