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Aaron Calvin

Aaron Calvin Biography

Aaron Calvin works for The Des Moines Register as a writer, reporter and publisher. He wrote a piece for the journal he works for on Tuesday, September 24th that exposed the viral feeling and Carson King, student at Iowa State University, for two ancient racist tweets after King raised more than $1 million for charity. Twitter users dug into his tweets in a shocking turn of events, finding some similarly offensive content.

Aaron Calvin has been a journalist and reporter since graduating from Hofstra University in 2013, according to his LinkedIn.

Carson King & Aaron Calvin

Carson King
Carson King

Carson King, a student at Iowa State University, went viral after being seen at ESPN’s Gameday College in a Hawkeyes soccer match holding a sign reading “BUSCH LIGHT SUPPLY NEEDS REPLINISHED” along with his Venmo name.

His scheme worked better than he ever thought as his Venmo account achieved $400 within 30 minutes. He said he would donate the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, realizing he could raise much more money than he intended.

Once word came out that he gave the cash to charity, the donations began to pour in. King raised more than $1 million for the charity by Sunday morning September 22nd. He said the price of one case of Busch beer would be subtracted and the remainder donated to charity.

Busch Beer was engaged and said they were going to donate beer to King for a year. They placed his face on the cans ‘ side as well. “Hey @CarsonKing2, we said we’d send you Busch Light for a year, but first we had to make sure the cans were fit for a King.” tweeted the Busch Beer account, “Let’s know where to send the truck. #IowaLegend pic.twitter.com/czGBuXRE92 “King’s momentum came to a halt when Des Moines journalist Aaron Calvin discovered two offensive King tweets published at the age of 16. Reportedly, the tweets contrasted black mothers with gorillas and made the Holocaust light. He and his colleagues quoted the TV show Tosh.0, according to King.0.

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King said he was “embarrassed” and “shocked” by what he said 8 years earlier in a declaration published on his Twitter.

“Thankfully, high school kids grow up and hopefully become responsible and caring adults,”

King wrote that.

“I think my feelings are better summed up by a post from just 3 years ago: Until we as a people learn that racism and hate are learned behaviors, we won’t get rid of it. Tolerance towards others is the first step.”

For a year after the incident, Busch Beer pulled their free beer offer.

Aaron Calvin Background

Calvin began his career as a Buzzfeed Staff Writer / Social Media Coordinator, according to his portfolio on his website. He involves articles like “This Comic Explains Perfectly What Is White Privilege” and “Which Character Are You?””He has interviewed writers such as Claire Vaye Watkins and Padgett Powell for Vice, and Men’s Journal, Digg and Catapult have also released.
Aaron Calvin Undesirable Tweets

Twitter users dug into his tweets in a shocking turn of events, finding some similarly offensive content. Aaron Calvin spoke on Twitter about the N-Word among other offensive things

“too many of these n***s bitches made nowadays, don’t pardon my french” read one tweet. He also said the word again quoting a Kanye West song. “They’d rather give me the ‘n** please award’. I’ll just take the ‘I got a lot of cheese award’ Tell it like it is Kanye.” 

He also tweeted 
“I just got hit on by Tori Amos’ makeup guy. Never talk to strange gay men.” and “F**k the NYPD” in response to a tweet about rapper Desiigner being arrested.
Since he wants to dig past social media posts, let’s do the same thing about him and all the offensive stuff this Des Moines Register editor Aaron Calvin has posted in the past pic.twitter.com/VEBiq7ShzK

— Austin (@Austin_712) September 25, 2019

Des Moines Register Statement

The Des Moines Register tweeted a long declaration that outlined their decision-making process in posting Carson King’s tweets after important backlash directed to Calvin on social media.

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The statement reads that Aaron Calvin was

“assigned to interview King for a profile”

And during a routine background check discovered the

“two racist jokes”

King had posted on Twitter in 2012. Calvin contacted
King who

“expressed deep regret”.

A statement from our editor: pic.twitter.com/ZH9AhcrYbg

— Des Moines Register (@DMRegister) September 25, 2019

Aaron Calvin Career at the Register of Des Moines

He became a reporter for the paper in February 2019, less than seven months ago, according to his LinkedIn profile. Depending on the outcome of the investigation into Calvin by The Des Moines Register, his tenure on the paper may be a short one. He has discussed a range of topics in his moment as a reporter, including breaking news, food, sports, and crime.

Aaron Calvin Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The floodgates opened, and after his old tweets had been discovered, Twitter users piled on to Calvin for what they saw as blatant hypocrisy. As users discovered more and more troubling content, thousands of tweets flooded in. Eventually, Calvin shifted his account to private to prevent individuals with a finetoothed comb going through it.

Reporter Stephen Miller took the whole ordeal differently

The problem isn’t Aaron Calvin. The problem is other journalists who join in a bukkake cancel circle and tolerate this shit.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) September 25, 2019

Calvin also set up a private but not a Facebook page for his Instagram account. Comments from people criticizing him and posting screenshots of his old tweets are now littered with the old posts on his Facebook page.

The @DMRegister’s Aaron Calvin may have locked his Twitter, but his Facebook is still public and this cover photo says a lot about the type of person he is and what he thinks of many people in Iowa. pic.twitter.com/Rqx6o5JrRq

— Cameron Cawthorne (@Cam_Cawthorne) September 25, 2019

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