Who is Ahnaf Arrafif? Wife Learns Her Husband Is Actually Woman After 10 Months

Despite the fact that they frequently intimate an Indonesian woman is in shock after realizing that her husband of 10 months is actually a woman. The 22-year-old wife, who goes by NA, has filed legal claims against her cheating husband.

According to a report in the regional publication Tribun News, the jilted bride was reported as stating: “I’m still scared. I’m shaking when I go out,”

Wife Learns That Her Husband Is Actually A Woman After 10 Months

The dating app Tantan is where NA and her husband, who went by the name Ahnaf Arrafif, were first introduced, claims the website. The two quickly became friends after Arrafif allegedly claimed to be a doctor at medical school in New York.

After Arrafif visited NA’s birthplace of Jambi, they finally met in person in May 2021. A short while later, Arrafif popped the question, and the two were married in July. NA acknowledged having had s*x with her husband while they were married, adding she thought they had had penetrating intercourse.

Ahnaf Arrafif Prewedding

She did, however, acknowledge that if things got hot, she was told not to stare directly at Arrafif’s genitalia and that her eyes were covered with a handkerchief. According to Suara.com, NA also claimed that Arrafif would only become naked when the lights were off, causing the s*x to take place in complete darkness.

Prior to the marriage, NA’s mother is said to have been charmed by Arrafif, but she quickly grew wary when it became clear he didn’t actually have a job.

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After moving in with NA and her mother, Arrafif immediately started pleading for money. NA’s meddling mother-in-conviction law’s that her son-in-law was a con artist grew over the next months. She also began to question whether Arrafif was a male and made an effort to acquire identification papers.

How Did They Have S*x?

She finally confronted Arrafif in April and told him to get naked. At that time, Arrafif is alleged to have acknowledged that she was truly Erayani Arrafif, a woman.

The con artist acknowledged to the police that they used their fingers to deceive NA into believing they were having penetrating s*x. It’s uncertain at this moment if Arrafif will go to jail if found guilty of the scam. No court date has been made public yet.

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