Anderson .Paak Wife: Jae Lin Bio, Wiki, Age, Children

Who is Jae Lin?

Jae Lin is the wife of Brandon Paak Anderson AKA Anderson .Paak.

Anderson is Brandon Paak Anderson’s professional name. Paak is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and drummer from the United States.

His wife Jaylyn Chang AKA Jae Lin of Urban Pilgrims Church is a gospel vocalist.

She was a student at the same institution where Paak worked as a teaching assistant, and the two quickly fell in love.

The two have experienced some of life’s lowest points, but they’ve emerged stronger as a relationship, and their difficult days are behind them.


Anderson .Paak is 35 years old and his wife Jae Lin is around 28-30 years old.


The couple has 2 children.

Jae Lin And Anderson .Paak

Paak met his wife, Jae Lin, a South Korean music student when she was still in college. Paak worked on a marijuana farm in Santa Barbara in 2011, before becoming a successful working musician.

He was fired without warning and was forced to live on the streets with his wife and baby kid.

Is Anderson PAAK’s wife Korean?

She was born in South Korea and moved to the United States to pursue her passion for music. According to Paak said in an interview, “She’s (Jae Lin) the one who came from Korea, didn’t speak [any] English, she’s [the one who has] the balls.”

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