Who is Anthony Bouchard? Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Married A 14 Years old Girl Full Details

Anthony Bouchard Bio/Wiki

Senator Anthony Bouchard of Wyoming has shocked the state and the nation by revealing that he was 19 when he impregnated a 15-year-old teen.

In a Facebook Live video, the Senator, who is running to succeed Rep. Liz Cheney, came out and told his supporters the facts. Bouchard is reportedly raising the couple’s son after the girl died at the age of 20.

The Congressional candidate informed his supporters of the truth, claiming that he wanted to be ahead of the story.

An opposition research firm, he claims, was looking into his history and was about to publish the results. He revealed all the information, including the fact that he married the unnamed girl.


His age is around 60-70 years old.

Married A 14 Years old Girl Full Details

Bouchard revealed in a Facebook Live video in May 2021 that he ra*ed a 14-year-old girl with whom he had begun a relationship when he was 18.

They married when he was 19 and the girl was 15, he later told the Casper Star-Tribune, and the girl eventually gave birth to their son. Bouchard said the pair split after three years of marriage, and she committed suicide in 1990 at the age of 20 as a result of problems in another relationship, according to Bouchard.

He said he wanted to make this public because his political rivals were doing opposition research ahead of his primary challenge for Liz Cheney’s seat in the United States House of Representatives in 2022.

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It’s uncertain if Bouchard’s candidacy would be harmed as a result of the story. The Republican is widely regarded as the favorite to succeed Cheney, who was recently removed from the Republican leadership in Congress.

However, based on Twitter’s reaction, it appears that he may have a difficult time convincing voters that he is the right candidate for the role. Here’s what we know so far.

Who Is Anthony Bouchard’s 1st Wife?

The Senator kept his first wife’s name private. He said to the followers, “they’re willing to go back 40 years, to something that happened in my youth.”

He then goes into depth about his previous marriage. He added, “two teenagers, girl gets pregnant. You’ve probably heard those stories before.”

Bouchard doesn’t mention how old they are, just that they are both young “She was a year or two younger than I was. As if it were a Romeo and Juliet story “.. He later told the Star Tribune some of the details. He goes on to say that he was under “a lot of pressure” to abort the baby, but that neither he nor the girl was able to do so. He describes marrying the girl as “the best thing to do.”

Bouchard told the Tribune that when they agreed to marry, he was 19 and she was 15. They were able to do so because they were living in Florida at the time. They split three years later, and the girl officially died at the age of 20. The girl’s identity was cross-verified by the Star Tribune, but it was decided not to disclose it.

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She was allegedly set ablaze in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, according to the newspaper. Bouchard defended his choice, claiming, “I’d do it all over again. I’m not saying I can make the same decisions, but we all have to make decisions.” He repeated that he “did the right thing” before going on to discuss his upbringing and first work.

Bouchard said he continued to raise the couple’s son after she died. Throughout the 13-minute video, he made many references to his son. “He’s on the verge of being my estranged son.

I definitely do not approve of any of the things he has going on in his life. I’m not going to leave him, though. I do have feelings for him. He’s the same as he was when he was born “Bouchard explained.

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