Who is Berrin N? Woman Found Her Real Father Killed By Her Dad

Berrin N Wiki

According to reports, a woman named Berrin N discovered that the person she thought was her father murdered her real father for having an affair with her mother.

For years, the Turkish woman, Berrin N, believed her mother’s husband was her father, although she was actually born as the product of an affair with the man he later murdered.


Berrin N is 49 years old.

Found Her Real Father Killed By Her Dad Full Details

It wasn’t until her half-sister said it repeatedly that she realized Mustafa Uyanik, her mother’s lover was her biological father.

Berrin is now suing Mahir A, her mother’s husband, for denial of lineage. They are not related, according to a DNA test ordered by the court.

Mahir A surrendered to authorities in 1982 after killing the village chief for having an affair with his wife, according to local media accounts. She had kept the affair hidden, and when Berrin was born, her husband was listed as the biological father.

Mahir reportedly raised Berrin as his own daughter, but she got suspicious of her mother’s romance and began following her. When he caught her in the act with Uyanik in their village’s field, he killed his loved rival but failed to kill Fatma.

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Berrin was nine years old at the time, and the murder was kept a secret even after Mahir was sentenced to prison.

Fatma A., her mother, died many years ago without ever telling her daughter the truth. It’s unclear when her sister discovered Berrin’s true paternity, but it was during a fight between the two over Mahir’s estate that she dropped the bombshell.

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