Who was Carlos Ramos? Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed In Lightning Strike At Orchard Beach

Carlos Ramos Bio/Wiki

During a fast-moving, pop-up thunderstorm that rolled over Orchard Beach late Thursday afternoon, a teenage boy named Carlos Ramos was struck by lightning and died.

Authorities said Carlos Ramos was one of at least seven persons hit by lightning as a fast-moving storm rolled over the Bronx beach at 5:20 p.m.


He was 13 years old.

Killed In Lightning Strike At Orchard Beach Full Details

According to authorities, the adolescent was taken to Jacobi Hospital but could not be saved.

According to abc7ny.com, Another kid who was struck was Stacy Saldivar, 13.

Away from the hospital Saldivar, who was at the beach with her parents and two siblings on Friday, said she and her family saw storm clouds, got out of the water, gathered their belongings, and were racing to avoid a rainstorm when lightning struck just in front of them.

Saldivar said, “I passed out and then I was shaking and blood started coming out of my mouth,”

“There was this man that was giving me compressions.”

Her father screamed for help, according to Saldivar. She claimed she was told that lightning struck the earth in front of her, but strangely, no damage was done to her body.

Saldivar said, “Like a little tingle that really hurt a lot,”

“I feel lucky to be alive still.”

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