Who is Chandler Halderson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Update, Killed His Parents

Chandler Halderson Bio/Wiki

A son named Chandler Halderson is accused of dismembering his parents with a saw, then burning their heads in a fireplace, and filing a missing person report.

In July 2021, Chandler Halderson is suspected of shooting his father, Bart, in the back before killing his mother, Krista.


Chandler Halderson is 23 years old. His father Bart was 50 years old and his mother Krista was 53 years old.

Who was Chandler Halderson Mother?

Krista Halderson is mother of Chandler Halderson.

Son, Chandler Halderson, Killed His Parents Full Details

Halderson allegedly killed his parents because his father discovered he was lying about attending Madison College, according to Assistant District Attorney William Brown of Dane County.

According to Brown, Halderson lied to his parents about working at an insurance company and securing a job at SpaceX in Florida.

He claimed he made up dozens of emails between himself and the college.

According to Law and Crime, Bart discovered his son hadn’t attended classes at the college for almost a semester. On July 1, Bart and his son were scheduled to meet with school officials when he reportedly shot and killed his father.

Halderson is accused of cutting up his parents’ bodies with a saw and scissors before dumping part of their remains in the woods and burning others.

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Brown said that human remains, including bits of human skulls, face, and knee bones, were found in the ashes from the couple’s fireplace.

On July 7, he reported his mother and father missing, stating they had not returned from a weekend trip to their cabin.


Halderson was apprehended the next day, just hours after his father’s death was discovered by authorities.

According to WMTV, their son Mitchell said in court that he received a text from Halderson indicating he was “worried” about his parents.

Attorney Catherine Dorl, on the other hand, stated, “Chandler Halderson did not murder his parents.”


Near Sauk City, part of Krista’s body was discovered along the Wisconsin River.

Initially, Halderson was charged with lying to the police.

He supposedly stated that his parents would be attending a parade at White Lake, but there was no such event.

Halderson’s Google search history was investigated by cops from June 30 to July 8.


Halderson has been held in the Dane County Jail on a $1 million bond since his arrest.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the trial will take three to four weeks.

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