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Daniel Hodges Bio/Wiki

Officer Daniel Hodges of the Metropolitan Police Department vividly described the physical abuse he received while defending the Capitol on January 6 during a House hearing on Tuesday.

When protesters trampled the Capitol’s barriers and attempted to burst into a building entry, Hodges was crushed against a spinning door, which resulted in a viral video of him being crushed.


He is 32 years old.

Crushed By Rioters Full Details

According to the BusinessInsider, Hodges said, “My arms were pinned and effectively useless, trapped against either the shield on my left and the door frame on my right,”

“With my posture granting me no functional strength or freedom of movement, I was effectively defenseless and gradually sustaining injury from the increasing pressure of the mob.”

Hodges added, “Directly in front of me, a man sees the opportunity of my vulnerability, grabbed the front of my gas mask and used it to beat my head against the door,”

“He switched to pulling it off my head, the straps stretching against my skull and straining my neck.”

According to Hodges, the individual eventually succeeded in removing the police officer’s gas mask, exposing him to chemical irritants sprayed by the protesters.

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Another man then took Hodges’ baton and “bashed me in the head and face with it, rupturing my lip and damaging my skull severely,” according to Hodges. Hodges is seen caught between the doorways with a bleeding lip in video and images from the horrific episode. The rioters, whom Hodges referred to as “terrorists,” then began hurling stones.

He said, “pushing their weight forward, crushing me further against the metal door frame,”

Hodges added, “At this point, I knew I couldn’t sustain much more damage and remain upright,”

“At best, I would collapse and be a liability to my colleagues. At worst, be dragged out into the crowd and lynched.”

Another police officer eventually heard his shouts and was able to free him from the situation. Hodges claimed he got water to clean his face and returned to the battle “briefly after.”

On Tuesday, the DC police officer was one of four law enforcement officers who appeared before a House select committee examining the January 6 uprising.

Other rioters attacked Hodges that day, including one who “latched onto” his face and “got his thumb” in his right eye, “attempting to gouge it out,” according to Hodges.

Hodges said, “I cried out in pain and managed to shake him off before any permanent damage was done,”

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