Who is David Miguel? 9-year-old Student Finds Mountain Lion Growling In School Bathroom

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In Nova Lima, Brazil, a 9-year-old child n named David Miguel discovered a roaring jaguar or Mountain Lion in a school bathroom. According to Central European News, the child, David, needed to use the restroom during a soccer game on Saturday when he ran into the animal.

Credit: CEN

He told the local press: “I was trembling like jelly. It went ‘grrr’ and my heart almost stopped,”


David Miguel is 9 years old.

Student Finds Jaguar Growling In School Bathroom

David Miguel stated he dashed back to his father to inform him of his discovery. Rodrigo Almeida, David’s father, said: “I thought it was going to be an ocelot, a wild dog or something else. The moment I saw the animal was that size, I ran back,”

Credit: CEN

Local authorities came to the school and tranquilized the jaguar or Mountain Lion, which the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources identified as a juvenile female. The animal was unhurt when reintroduced into the wild.

Credit: CEN

Deforestation is driving an increase in wild animals accessing urban areas, according to veterinarian Marcos Mourao, who assisted in the rescue. Mourao said: “We know this has been happening due to increased deforestation, large wildfires and the destruction of the natural habitat of these animals,”

“Then, in their escape, they end up crossing into towns and cities.”

Credit: CEN
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