Who are Denver Barfield and Beth Thompson? Killed In Motorbike Crash In Vietnam

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Two British men named Denver Barfield and Beth Thompson were killed in a horrific motorcycle accident in Vietnam.

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One of the victim’s bereaved families is frantically trying to acquire monies to return their son’s body to his family. In the early hours of May 16, Denver Barfield of Beaumont Leys, Leicester, and Beth Thompson was biking through Hoi An when they crashed with a power pole.

Beth, from Essex, and Denver were traveling from Hoi An to Dien Ban Commune when the accident occurred, according to the local news website VietNamNews.

It is still unknown who was operating the motorcycle or whether any other vehicles were involved.


Denver Barfield was 24 years old and Beth Thompson was also 24 years old.

Killed In Motorbike Crash In Vietnam

Desby Clayton, Denver’s mother, said she had been “bombarded” with texts and graphic photographs of the incident from a man purporting to be a Vietnam coroner.

She also claims she was told she had to pay £10,000 to have her son’s remains returned to the UK or risk having him incinerated. Desby, speaking to Leicestershire Live, said: “My baby had his whole life ahead of him.”

She hasn’t been able to verify whether the requests from the fake coroner are genuine, but she is frightened of losing her son’s body. Denver was set to start a graduate career in London in July after graduating from Aston University with a master’s degree.

His companion Beth was doing a master’s degree at the University of Leicester. Denver had flown out to Thailand with two companions on April 9 and landed in Vietnam by train a week later, where he had last spoken with his mother.

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According to TheSun, Desby stated: “He was meant to be off to Cambodia and then Bali before finishing off in Perth. He was starting his new graduate job in London on the second week of July.”

“On the Saturday he rang me and said he booked a sleep train which cost him £40.”

“He said he went for the luxury one because the standard one was sold out, and how he was happy to get some good sleep. It was the last time I spoke to him.”

It Will Cost £10,000 To Bring Their Bodies Back From Vietnam

Denver’s campaign on JustGiving has now raised £7,000 in the hopes of bringing him home “where he belongs,” TheSun reported.

Desby revealed that while her son had travel insurance, the family did not know the details, including the name of the firm that had issued the policy. She also stated that Denver’s Vietnamese friend has been unable to locate the documents and has been denied access to his possessions.

After visiting her home at 11 a.m. on Monday, Leicestershire Police notified her of her son’s death. Two hours later, she received a WhatsApp message from someone purporting to be a coroner, demanding cash for the storage, embalming, and transfer of his body and belongings. Desby characterized her son as passionate, quirky, and affectionate, with an “enthusiasm for life.”

The family is awaiting word from the Foreign Office, but Desby said they have yet to learn “just what happened.”

Desby reported the following about the message she received from the alleged coroner: “We were told Denver had passed away in a road traffic collision along with another girl. But just as I was processing what was happening, I received a message from the coroner asking me if I knew my son had died.”

“I asked him to ring me, but he couldn’t. He told me which offices he was from and sent me a link to sign some forms before asking me what I wanted to do with my baby’s body. I told him I needed him to come home to me, but he said there was going to be a big bill,” TheSun reported.

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When she inquired about the price, she was told that only transportation would cost $12,500, with the option of cremating Denver’s body and returning his ashes if payment was not received.

After explaining that the family was unfamiliar with the travel insurance company, she was told: “You pay me now and you claim back off them after. Insurance takes too long [sic]. You need to do this.”

Desby pleaded with the man not to do so, stating that all she wanted was for him to return home.

Cops instructed her not to react to any more texts, but she claims she was “bombarded” with more shortly before 2 a.m. this morning. She claims she received newspaper clippings with “vulgar” photographs of the accident site, including the dead.

She messaged back, worried that they would do something to his body, noting he had travel insurance, but he continued to talk about the bill.

Desby stated: “He said it needs to be paid. But he said no, that I have to pay upfront and that travel insurance will take too long to send his body back and I can claim the money back later. He told me it will take six days for his body to come.”

Desby added: “The longer he stays the more expensive it’s going to be. I’m scared they’ve done something to my son’s body without my permission.”

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The case has been handed over to the provincial police for further investigation. Anyone interested in making a donation can go to this JustGiving website.

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