Who is Deshawn Longmire? Uber Driver Arrested, Charged With Murder, Killed Houston Pastor

Following an alleged incident of road rage in which an Uber driver shot a well-known pastor, to death, the driver has been charged with murder. After a dispute on the expressway, Deshawn Longmire, 23, allegedly shot Reverend Dr. Ronald K Mouton.

Photo Credit: Houston Police

According to witnesses, Longmire and Mouton were fighting at a signal on the Texas Gulf Freeway. Neither of the drivers got out of their car during the fight, and they both started driving away afterward.

Ronald Mouton Sr. has served the community as a preacher for 32 years, according to his family. He will be regarded as a man who had a profound impact on many people’s lives.


Uber Driver Killed Houston Pastor

However, witnesses reportedly informed police that when the two got behind the wheel once more, the Uber driver reached out the driver’s window with a gun in his hand and shot Moulton.

Longmire sped off after the collision and was later stopped for running a stop sign, according to the police. Longmire allegedly admitted to detectives that he was not present when the incident took place, according to court documents.

However, detectives discovered Uber records proving that he had been present when Mouton was shot.

Just a few minutes away from his church, the reverend, who had served as senior pastor of East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church for more than 30 years, was declared dead at the scene. Mouton’s spouse, four children, and ten grandchildren survive him.

According to the documents, Longmire assured the investigators that they could find him by checking his phone records and the Uber app. According to an examination of his Uber data, he was in the vicinity of the incident between 4:43 and 4:51 that day.

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On Saturday, Longmire was arrested and his bail was set at $500,000. On Saturday, Uber has spoken with KHOU 11 News: “Our thoughts are with Rev. Mouton Sr.’s family and friends during this difficult time,”

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