Who was Dierlissom Oliveira Paiva? Brazilian 10-year-old Boy Killed By Jaguar Attack

A boy named Dierlissom Oliveira Paiva was brutally attacked by a jaguar in the Brazilian Amazon, and the animal tore off his face before killing him. In a remote location close to Brasil Novo, Paiva was brutally attacked by the large cat, whose claws and teeth tore across his face.

On Wednesday afternoon, the student vanished while fishing in a pond in a forested location, causing his father and neighbors to go in search of him. But when they got there, they saw garments and bloody traces on the ground.

Killed In Brutal Jaguar Attack

Police in the northern Brazilian state of Para is currently looking into Dierlissom’s passing. They discovered the child’s body with his face horribly mutilated a little more than 50 meters distant.

To ascertain the cause of death, the body was transferred to the neighboring Altamira for a post-mortem examination. Locals claim that jaguar sightings are frequent near the pond, raising the possibility that he was viciously mauled by one.

According to a statement from the Civil Police: “According to witnesses, close to the body there were large animal paw prints and signs of a possible jaguar attack.”


The body apparently showed evidence of being dragged as well. The boy’s aunt, who wished to remain unidentified, stated to regional media: “He was very close to us, a very happy boy.”

Some accounts claim that when the youngster died, the neighborhood went out in search of the huge cat that killed him as retaliation. The animal, a very rare black jaguar, was purportedly discovered with a serious neck wound.

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However, according to some accounts, no animals had been discovered in the area. According to reports, the youngster and his family had just been residing in the remote area for six months.

The inquiry is still ongoing.

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