Who are Dom Phillips And Bruno Pereira? Search For Missing British Journalist In Brazil

Dom Phillips And Bruno Pereira Wiki

In the search for a missing British journalist and his companion, human remains have been discovered. Dom Phillips, a veteran foreign correspondent, and Bruno Pereira, a specialist on Brazil’s indigenous tribes, went missing in the Amazon.

Search teams have discovered “apparently human” biological material in a river in the Amazon where the two went missing on Sunday. Amariledo ‘Pelado’ da Costa, a local fisherman, was detained in connection with the disappearances, and blood was discovered on a tarp in his wooden boat.


Dom Phillips is 57 years old and Bruno Pereira is 47 years old.

Dom Phillips And Bruno Pereira Missing

According to police, they have obtained genetic material from the missing couple to compare to blood samples. Cops have been given a further 30 days to keep da Costa in custody while they investigate.

On Tuesday, he was apprehended and charged with unlawful narcotics possession and prohibited ammunition. His attorney denies that he had anything to do with the men’s disappearance.

Da Costa was one of the last people to see Philips and Pereira on Sunday at 6 a.m., according to police. After visiting the fisherman’s riverside town of So Gabriel, both guys vanished.

Due to his possible involvement in the “heinous crime” of murder and burying bodies, detectives were given more time to ask him questions. Witnesses allege they spotted da Costa with a shotgun immediately before the guys fled, according to Brazilian media.

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Poachers and illegal fishers are the focus of cops’ investigations in the area. As he created indigenous patrols of the nearby reservation, Pereira frequently battled with these organizations.

Phillips, a freelance reporter who has written for the Guardian and The Washington Post, was last seen on Sunday, according to witnesses. Pereira, a native tribe expert, had been a senior official with the government’s indigenous agency Funai.

The two men were on a reporting mission in a remote rainforest area on the Peru-Colombia border, which is home to the world’s biggest population of uncontacted indigenous people.

The couple’s disappearance has reverberated around the world, with Brazilian luminaries ranging from soccer legend Pele to singer Caetano Veloso joining politicians, environmentalists, and human rights groups in pleading with President Jair Bolsonaro to intensify the search.

By Friday, over 150 soldiers had been dispatched by riverboat to search for the missing individuals and conduct interviews with residents. Since Sunday, indigenous search teams have been looking for the couple.

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