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Saila Halim Bio/Wiki

The virus took the lives of a doctor named Irfan Halim who “selflessly dedicated” himself to treating Covid patients.

Dr. Irfan Halim of the Great Western Hospital in Swindon became unwell on September 10 and died on November 14.

Since the emergence of Covid in 2020, the doctor had been on the front lines of the fight, and September 10 was just another day of saving lives.


He was 45 years old.


Saila Halim is the wife Irfan Halim.

Saila Halim Dies From COVID-19

Heartbroken Saila Halim described how her hardworking husband had been double-injected and was looking forward to receiving his third dose.

He had had his second vaccination in January and was diagnosed with Covid on September 10th, fighting the virus for nine weeks before succumbing sadly.

The adored doctor was recalled as a dedicated father-of-four who worked diligently for more than 250,000 patients over the course of his 25-year career.

Devastated Salia claimed that her partner left for work at Swindon Hospital and never returned.

He had died, she said, with a “broken heart shattered in pieces beyond imagination.”

According to the Daily Mail, the heartbroken wife said: “My husband worked away from London and I’m not sure which vaccine he received but he was double vaccinated and always wore full PPE when he was on the wards.”

“It’s a double tragedy for the family and we are in too much pain to consider anything else.”

He died only two months after starting work on the Covid ICUs at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, she said.

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He contracted the illness before falling on the job and spent the next nine weeks in bad condition.

On his dying day, he was surrounded by his family.

Salia said, “I held him in my arms and whispered prayers and love. We have lost our hero. He was an incredible husband, father and son. He was a best friend to the whole family.

“We all feel empty and I’m not coping. He was my life, my world, my everything. Nothing could have prepared us for this.”

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