Who was Dustin Wakefield? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot Dead

Dustin Wakefield Bio/Wiki

According to an arrest report, the man named Dustin Wakefield who shot and murdered a Colorado visitor inside a South Beach restaurant was high on mushrooms, which made him feel empowered, miamiherald.com reported.

Tamarius David, of Norcross, Georgia, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a weapon and attempted murder in Miami Beach.


He was 21 years old.

Who Shot Dustin Wakefield?

Tamarius David is shot Dustin Wakefield.

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The incident occurred inside La Cerveceria in the 1400 block of Ocean Drive on Tuesday evening. Dustin Wakefield, 21, was killed while dining with his family on the restaurant’s outdoor patio area. David claimed he “randomly chose” to shoot Wakefield and attack another man on the street just minutes before.

Next door, David was apprehended in an alleyway. He may be heard shouting, “I did it. I did it” in a video obtained by the Miami Herald.

Three police officers approach David as he is on the ground in an alley near the restaurant, according to the video. He partially obeys police directions by putting his hands outstretched, but he is subsequently thrown to the ground and detained by officers who claim over the radio that they have the gunman.

Dustin Wakefield was on vacation with his family, including his wife and 1-year-old son, according to Wakefield’s uncle.

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According to the MiamiHerald, Mike Wakefield, who was not at South Beach at the time but had told the name through his family, confirmed. He said, “This guy came in with a gun waving it, saying it’s time to die. He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, ‘He’s only a boy,’”

“Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground.”

Outside the Ocean Drive restaurant, a man thought to be David was seen dancing while clutching the firearm, according to a video obtained by WSVN FOX-7.

Tamarius David Charges

David is also charged with attempted murder for shooting and missing another guy moments earlier on 14th Street.

A Miami Beach park ranger, Lorenzo Trench, heard the gunshot and spotted David pursue the man, according to the arrest report. Trench told authorities that he witnessed David appear to fire at the ground, according to police.

Calls to the police station concerning an active shooter were coming in at the same time, according to David’s arrest report. Officers discovered Wakefield, who had died from his injuries, and quickly apprehended David, who waived his right to remain quiet and admitted to picking his two victims “as random,” according to the report.

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