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Edwin Edwards Wife Trina Grimes | TG Time

Edwin Edwards Wife Trina Grimes | TG Time

Edwin Edwards, a notorious former Louisiana politician, had a storybook ending to his circus-like life when he got married to Trina Grimes, a woman thirty years junior to him, in 2011. This marriage is not your typical love story; it was a marriage that held the intrigue and attention of all, with many wondering about how this odd couple ended up as husband and wife. In this article, we delve into the life, career, and family of the famous Louisiana politician and the story behind his much younger wife Trina Grimes.

The Life and Career of Edwin Edwards

Edwin Edwards is one of Louisiana’s most controversial political figures, having served as Governor of Louisiana four times. He served as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and then as the Sheriff of Ascension Parish. From 1972 to 1996, Edwards held various positions in government, including serving as the Governor of Louisiana for four terms. Edwards’ scandalous life includes bribery, racketeering, and wire fraud charges, which landed him into federal prison for nine years.

The public often attributed his success to charisma, intelligence, and his famed glib speechmaking skills. Edwin Edwards may be one of the most polarizing Louisiana politicians ever. Some revered him as a political genius when others labeled him as a corrupt politician who got away with his crimes scot-free.

Love Story of Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes

Edwin Edwards was first married to Elaine Schwartzenburg, with whom he had four children. After his divorce, he dated Candy Picou, a politician from Baton Rouge who was 30 years younger than Edwards. The relationship ended acrimoniously, with Edwards losing custody of his children and everything he owned. This was when he met Trina Grimes, who was Candy’s sister’s friend.

Trina Grimes was born and raised in California and had never heard of Edwin Edwards until she met him. She was a single mother working as a waitress at a casino. After a few times of bumping into each other and chatting, they started dating, despite the 51 year age difference between them.

Their love story did not start well since the media was quick to judge and criticize their relationship. Although Edwards had re-married after his divorce, the press was still skeptical about him and his intentions. With time, their love grew stronger, and they eventually got married in 2011. The marriage came as a surprise to the public, with many people wondering if either party was undergoing a mid-life crisis or some type of emotional instability. What would a man in his eighties and a woman in her mid-twenties have in common?

The 51-Year Age Difference: Any Obstacles?

With such a significant age difference, one might think that Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes would face many challenges in their marriage. However, according to Trina, her husband’s age is just a number, and it does not prohibit them from having a happy marriage. She loves him because he is a kind, funny, and charming man who always makes her happy and loved.

Trina’s love for Edwin goes beyond the judgmental attitude that the world demonstrates towards them. She spent her childhood without knowing her father’s love, for her father died before she was born. Her mother raised her on her own and taught her to be a strong and independent person. She had experience of being in a tough spot and always believed that love is the only weapon that can conquer all. She fell in love with Edwin not because of his reputation but because of who he is as a person.

Edwin Edwards and Family

Edwin Edwards has four adult children, Anna, Victoria, Stephen, and David, from his first marriage to Elaine Schwartzenburg. His youngest child is more than twenty years senior to Trina Grimes. While this raised eyebrows regarding their relationship, their children have come out to support their father’s union with Trina Grimes. According to them, Trina is an excellent addition to their family, and they are very happy that their father found someone who makes him happy and cherishes him the way Trina does.


Edwin Edwards has led an eventful life as a politician and has courted controversy throughout his career. However, his story takes a more romantic turn in his later years when he married Trina Grimes, a woman who is thirty years his junior. The love between Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes demonstrates that age is just a number and that love indeed transcends everything. Despite the judgment and criticism they faced as a couple, their love has blossomed, and they have developed a strong bond.


1. What is the age difference between Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes?

A. The age difference between Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes is 51 years.

2. How did Edwin Edwards meet Trina Grimes?

A. Edwin Edwards met Trina Grimes through her sister, who was a friend of Edwards’ ex-girlfriend, Candy Picou.

3. How many children does Edwin Edwards have, and what do they think of his marriage to Trina Grimes?

A. Edwin Edwards has four children from his first marriage to Elaine Schwartzenburg. They are supportive of their father’s marriage to Trina Grimes, stating that Trina is an excellent addition to their family and that they are happy that their father found someone who cherishes him.

4. How long have Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes been married?

A. Edwin Edwards and Trina Grimes got married in 2011, and they have been together ever since.

5. What is Trina Grimes’ profession?

A. Trina Grimes worked as a registered nurse and is currently retired.

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