Who is Felipe Silva do Rosario? Bio, Wiki, Age, Stung To Death By Bees Full Details

Felipe Silva do Rosario Bio/Wiki

After a hive collapsed on his head, a schoolboy named Felipe Silva do Rosario was stung to death by bees as he took cover under a tree in a storm.

The freak accident in Santos, Brazil triggered the killed Felipe Silva do Rosario in heavy winds. The rain had battered the beehive, which had fallen from the tree directly on top of the teen’s head.


He was 13 years old.

Stung To Death By Bees Full Details

Angry bees then assaulted Felipe, stinging him repeatedly and injuring him severely.

He attempted to get up, disoriented by the blow to the head, but fell down again, this time hitting his head on a piece of wood. An extratropical cyclone passed through the area on May 22nd, causing a windstorm.

After leaving home to check on his grandmother’s animals, Felipe ventured out into the storm. His last words, “Gran, I’m just going to the hen-house to see if everything is all right with the hens.”

Felipe was accompanied by his seven-year-old brother, who witnessed the incident but was unable to assist due to the swarm of bees chasing him away.

The bewildered brother returned home to tell his grandmother what had happened, and she called an ambulance. Felipe was rushed to the hospital with head injuries after 20 minutes of being attended to by paramedics.

Unfortunately, he died as a result of his injuries and was buried the next day in Guaruja, a nearby municipality. Bee stings kill 2-9 people in the UK every year, and one in 59,507 people in the US dies each year from wasp hornet and bee stings.

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