Who was Footballer Geovani Biancho? Bio, Wiki, Age, Cause Of Death

Geovani Biancho Bio/Wiki

During a friendly match in Brazil, a player named Geovani Biancho died after receiving a flying kick to the chest from an opponent.

Geovani Biancho succumbed to his injuries shortly after being brought to the hospital.


He was 42 years old.


Police questioned an anonymous 21-year-old, but he was freed on bail pending an inquiry because he was not caught red-handed.’

According to local sources, he admitted to the assault but claimed he ‘lost his head’ in a fit of rage, TheSun reported.

Biancho was attacked on Saturday during a friendly near the city of Carlos Barbosa in southern Brazil, leaving behind a wife and a three-year-old boy.

He was a member of Torinense Recreational and Cultural Sporting Club, a local team.

A witness informed police that after committing a foul, he got into an altercation with his opponent, but that the aggressor was a third man who kicked him in the chest with a flying kick.

Death Cause

According to a local newspaper, the unnamed witness said, “We thought he was going to separate the two men including the victim who were arguing but instead he ran up to him and delivered a flying kick.”

Biancho’s teammates rushed to his aid as he began convulsing on the ground, and an ambulance was dispatched, but he died shortly before midnight the following day.

Before being captured, the perpetrator is believed to have fled the scene.

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