Freshman Kori Gauthier Missing lsu freshman kori gauthier's body identified

Missing LSU Freshman Kori Gauthier's Body Identified

Missing LSU Freshman Kori Gauthier's Body Identified

The mysterious disappearance of Freshman Kori Gauthier from the Louisiana State University (LSU) had the world on edge for a week. Unfortunately, her body was discovered in the Mississippi River on Tuesday, 13th April 2021. Gauthier graduated from Baton Rouge’s Parkview Baptist School and had been studying at LSU for a year before her disappearance. Her passing has left many of her loved ones, the LSU community, and everyone who knew her in shock and sadness.

Who was Freshman Kori Gauthier?

Gauthier was not just another girl in LSU; she was someone truly extraordinary. She was quite different from her peers. Her unique personality and inspiring work ethic influenced everyone around her positively. Gauthier always appeared to have a smile on her face, no matter what obstacles came along her way.

She was an excellent student, and her passion for voice acting was unrivaled. She would never back down from the unfamiliar and tiring task of her dreams. She was someone who could light up anyone’s day with a simple wave. She truly touched everyone she met.

A Community in Mourning

The news of the passing of Freshman Kori Gauthier has shocked the LSU community. People who did not personally know Gauthier have come together to grieve and share their condolences. The LSU and Baton Rouge communities have been displaying blue lights in Gauthier’s honor, contributing ribbons to a makeshift memorial set up on campus, and participating in virtual events to remember the talented freshman.

Gauthier’s passing was a major shock to her close friends, professors, and family, all of who describe her as “a smart, hardworking, and talented student with amazing things ahead of her.” Since her passing, many people have spoken out about the great things she was doing academically and career-wise.

The Investigation of Gauthier’s Disappearance

Ms. Gauthier was last seen on 6th April 2021, after parking her car near the Mississippi River Bridge. Her personal belongings, including her cellphone and wallet, were discovered on her car, leading investigators to presume it was a suicide case. However, the actual cause of her passing is yet to be revealed.

LSU’s police department and a couple of other national law enforcement bodies participated in the search for Freshman Kori Gauthier. From using drones to dragging the river and everything in between, investigators did everything they could to find her. It was a week-long search that drew national attention but, unfortunately, did not result in a happy ending.

Memorial Services for Kori Gauthier

Even though Gauthier is no longer with us in person, the community continues to commemorate her. Three different services were announced in the Baton Rouge area to honor the life of Gauthier. They include:

  1. A Services of Remembrance and Unity-The LSU Community in honor of Freshman Kori Gauthier
  2. A candlelight vigil for Kori held in Baton Rouge’s Downtown
  3. A student-led service in Memorial Tower Hall at LSU

One thing that is clear from these events is that Kori Gauthier had a significant impact on many people during her 19 years of life. Her memories will be cherished and always remembered for years to come.

How Can You Help?

The following are ways you can support the family and friends of Freshman Kori Gauthier:

  1. Donate funds towards Gauthier’s suicide prevention charities
  2. Send condolence messages or prayers through social media
  3. Offer condolences to her family and friends
  4. Attend the memorial services

Kori Gauthier: A Life Worth Celebrating

From her inspiring personality to her unique voice acting passion, Freshman Kori Gauthier was a one-of-a-kind person in every way. There is no amount of looking back that can bring her sweet and charming laughter back into our lives. She will genuinely be missed by the entire LSU community and everyone else who knew her.


Freshman Kori Gauthier’s passing is a tremendous loss to the entire LSU community and everyone who knew her. The world is a little darker without her light, but her memories will continue to shine bright. May she rest in peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who was Freshman Kori Gauthier?

Freshman Kori Gauthier was a talented and inspiring student at Louisiana State University known for her unique voice acting passion.

2) What happened to Kori Gauthier?

Ms. Gauthier went missing on 6th April 2021, and her body was found in the Mississippi River a week later. The actual cause of her death is still unknown.

3) How can I support Kori Gauthier’s family and friends?

You can support Kori Gauthier’s family and friends by attending the memorial services, donating funds to suicide prevention charities or sending condolence messages or prayers through social media.

4) What inspires people to give condolences to Freshman Kori Gauthier?

Many people were inspired by her unique personality and passion, which she shared with others.

5) Was Kori Gauthier under any pressure, and is that why she committed suicide?

Nothing has been confirmed yet. However, the investigation led authorities to presume it was suicide, although the actual cause of death is still unknown.

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