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This is the unbelievable moment chopper pilots locate a six-year-old boy lost in a river, despite the fact that the boy appears to be no more than a speck.

After going missing from his home in Auckland, New Zealand, the autistic little kid was found by authorities. On Tuesday, the child’s distraught mother called the police to report that he had been missing for around 20 minutes.

Helicopter Pilots Rescued 6 Years Old Full Details

The woman is heard stating on the call, which was released by New Zealand authorities, “My son’s gone missing. He’s autistic. I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Cops rushed their Eagle chopper and dispatched patrols to comb the streets for the missing student.

Police said, “Within 10 minutes, Eagle located the boy up to his waist in the nearby estuary nearly 30 metres from shore.”

Authorities posted a video of the child in the river, shirtless, as an officer ploughs into the water to save him.

He is then seen wading the child out of the water and safely back to shore. Cops were concerned that the kid would be electrocuted.

The policeman who saved the youngster, Phillip Savill, remarked, “It definitely plays into the sense of urgency when water is involved – get there as quick as you can and get them out.”

“It could happen to anybody’s child and mum did the right thing by calling Police.”

“It is a great feeling when you do get a successful result like that. The child’s return, no injuries, and that’s why we come to work.”

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