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Isabella Kalua Bio/Wiki

According to current reports, a large search is underway in Hawaii for a girl named Isabella Kalua whose adoptive parents believe they last saw her in her bedroom on Sunday night.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser stated that first-grader Isabella Kalua, who was given the name Ariel Sellers at birth, was last seen at her house on Puha Street in Waimanalo at 9 p.m. Sunday.


She is 6 years old.

Isabella Kalua Missing Update


Home video security shows Isabella leaving the house about 1 a.m., according to a social media post, but the paper was unable to confirm this.

According to Hawaii News Now, Interim Police Chief Rade Vanic informed the Honolulu Police Commission on Wednesday, “Investigators haven’t determined or we don’t have sufficient evidence to show that the child was abducted,”

He added, “We are hoping she isn’t in immediate danger,”

Isabella Kalua Parents

Melanie Joseph, her real mother, told the newspaper that she last saw her daughter approximately a year ago during a scheduled visit and that there was evidence of physical abuse.

She stated that she does not believe her kid is the sort to go off on her own. Joseph told the outlet, “She stuck to me,”

“I think something happened.”

According to the report, the Kaluas had custody of four of Joseph’s five kids for four years, while a fifth, a 5-year-old, is residing with a relative. The three other siblings, ages 1, 3, and 12, were taken into custody by Child Welfare Services after Isabella went missing, according to the outlet.

According to the investigation, Sonny Kalua, also known as Isaac K. Kalua III, the designated lessee of the residence where Isabella was last seen, has a violent criminal past.

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According to the site, he pled guilty in 2001 to one count of first-degree terroristic threats, two counts of second-degree assault, and one count of attempted second-degree assault.

The family had been urged not to speak, according to an acquaintance at the Kalua residence. She said, “We don’t want to jeopardize the case,”

According to Hawaii News Now, hundreds of volunteers and members of Isabella’s birth family gathered at Waimanalo District Park on Wednesday to coordinate the search effort.

According to the biological mother of the girl, “I’m thankful everyone is here to help,”

“I just want whoever has her to bring my baby back home.”

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  1. From the beginning the 1st time I saw this Isabelle “Ariel” Kalua “Sellars missing! I had a gut feeling that the adoptive parents have something to do w/Ariel going missing! If that 6year old girl goes wandering around outside all by herself then they should have reported that behavior to CPS, b/c that tells me that something in that house was not good to her, & her going out of the house all by herself in the middle of the night tells me she deathly feared something/someone in that house. CPS should give all those kids back to the biological MOTHER. This is absolutely ridicoulous , & once AGAIN CPS FAILED TO PROTECT THAT CHILD TAKING HER AWAY FROM HER MOTHER & giving her to someone much worse, & now shes gone? I blame CPS. Check that river where her back pack was found. So fishy this whole thing doesn’t make sense, pictures, photo albums, of Ariel found in dumpsters? Ah c’mon that 6 year old girl cannot even reach the dumpsters to throw tat s*** away. Just b/c the parent/parents relapsed on drugs doesn’t mean they are going to hurt the children I know plenty parents that raised there kids, & did drugs, 4 realz. CPS needs to be SHUTDOWN… Home wreckers, I’ve seen so many kids taken away b/c parents are doing drugs, & then given to foster homes that are way worse to the kids, getting severely beaten, burned, starved, just being severely mistreated, far more neglected by the foster parents then they ever were by their biological parents using drugs. It just causes more chaos to the whole family, the kids having to move in w/complete strangers, causing them to feel so uncomfortable, from one dysfunctional home to a even more dysfunctional home not to mention most human beings do not like sudden changes, self esteem if they had any is now disappearing. Nobody loves kids like there biological parents love them.


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