Who is James Herbert Brick? Bio, Wiki, Age, Tiktok Hand Signals Saved A Girl

James Herbert Brick Bio/Wiki

A North Carolina youngster who had been kidnapped by an older guy named James Herbert Brick was freed after flashing a hand sign popularized on TikTok as a distress signal to a passing driver.

According to Fox 8 News, the anonymous 16-year-old made the gesture during a traffic stop on Interstate 75 in southern Kentucky on Thursday afternoon.

She was riding shotgun in a Toyota Camry driven by her alleged kidnapper.


James Herbert Brick is 61 years old and the unnamed girl is 16 years old.

Tiktok Hand Signals Saved A Girl Full Details

The move a fist encircled across the thumb placed in front of the palm “represents violence at home – I need help – domestic violence,” according to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the Camry and providing authorities with updates on their whereabouts, a vehicle observed the SOS and contacted 911.

James Herbert Brick of Cherokee, North Carolina, was later identified as the elder guy, who was apparently on his way to meet relatives in Ohio.

According to authorities, Brick’s phone had a photo of a girl being portrayed in a sexual manner.

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He was arrested and transferred to the Laurel County Correctional Center, where he was charged with unlawful imprisonment and possession of material depicting a minor’s sex acts.

Her family had reported the teen missing on Tuesday. Deputy Gilbert Acciardo of Laurel County claimed she had first agreed to go with Brick.

“I think she started fearing for her life at some point,” Acciardo said, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Tiktok Hand Signals Meaning

During pandemic shutdowns, the TikTok SOS became popular as a way for people to indicate that they were in dangerous conditions at home.

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