Who is James Porritt? Man Who Attacked Innocent Commuter With Machete Found Guilty

James Porritt Wiki

A guy named Ricky Morgan was found guilty of attempted murder after stabbing a stranger with a machete in front of terrified commuters on the London Underground.

Photo: James Porritt

On the 9th of July last year, Ricky Morgan, with no permanent address, initiated an unprovoked attack aboard James Porritt on a train near Green Park. Porritt told an Old Bailey jury that what transpired was like being in a “horror movie.” Morgan will be sentenced in the same court on July 22nd.

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Morgan told horrified bystanders during the trial, “This is not a terror attack, I only want him,” as he attacked James Porritt on the crowded train. James Porritt is shown in a video played in court minding his own business as he sat in the Jubilee line train compartment in central London when Morgan commenced his assault. As he tried to defend himself, Porritt received a major injury to his right hand, as well as bone-deep slashes to his head and shin.


James Porritt is around 30-33 years old and Ricky Morgan is 34 years old.

How Did The Attack Happen?

He compared it to the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi picture Terminator, according to the jury. He said: “I genuinely thought he was going to kill me, He just would not stop.”

“He was relentless. He said he did not want anybody else, he just wanted me. He was fixated with me.”

While clutching the severed parts of his hand together, Porritt managed to escape via a carriage door. He added: “I don’t know how I escaped. I was scared I was going to lose my little finger and I held it together.”

Morgan was apprehended by British Transport Police guns officers who arrived quickly. He told the arresting cops that it was a “road issue,” not a “terrorist attack,” and that it was “a road issue.” He said: “I just knew, fight or flight. I just ran for my life. It was like a stampede, people were terrified.”

“If I had known it would cause this much drama, I would not have done it.”


Morgan was supposed to inform a psychiatrist that he had been carrying the machete and a lock knife in his bag for quite some time. Ricky Morgan, who claimed insanity as an excuse for the attempted murder, was convicted guilty of two counts of possessing bladed items.

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During the trial, he refused to testify.

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