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Who is Jason Siesser? Missouri man who purchased lethal neurotoxin to

Who Is Jason Siesser? Missouri Man Who Purchased Lethal Neurotoxin To

Jason Siesser – A name that not many know but has recently been making headlines on news channels and social media platforms. Who is Jason Siesser, and why is he in the news? What has he done to create such a fuss? In this article, we will explore the story and find out the truth about who Jason Siesser is.

Jason Siesser Poisons


Every once in a while, a news story comes along that makes your jaw drop. One such story comes from Missouri, where a man named Jason Siesser was arrested for purchasing a lethal neurotoxin called abrin online. As the story unfolded, it was revealed that Jason Siesser had plans to use the poison to harm others. The question that is on everyone’s mind is, why?

Who is Jason Siesser?

Jason Siesser is a 45-year-old man from Columbia, Missouri, who was arrested in August 2018, after purchasing the poisonous substance, Abrin, online. The substance is made from the seeds of the rosary pea plant and is considered one of the deadliest poisons in the world, with no known antidote.

According to court documents, Jason Siesser was found to have ordered enough Abrin from an online marketplace to kill at least 300 people. When law enforcement officials searched his home, they found other evidence linking him to the purchase of the toxin, such as unused syringes and vials that could be used to store the poison.

Why did he purchase the poison?

As of now, the motives behind Jason Siesser’s actions are still not very clear. In his court filings, he claimed that he purchased the poison out of curiosity. However, as the investigation further proceeded, it was revealed that he had used fake identities to purchase the Abrin, and he had also researched information on how to deliver the poison to people without getting caught.

As of now, it is still not clear who Jason Siesser planned to harm or why. The investigation is still ongoing, but this action was severe enough to land him 12 years of imprisonment.

What is abrin?

Abrin is a naturally occurring toxin found in the seeds of the rosary pea plant, which grows primarily in the tropics and subtropics. A dose of as little as three micrograms of the poison can kill a human, and there is no known antidote. The poison works by entering the bloodstream and shutting down the body’s ability to produce protein, eventually leading to death in a matter of days.

The Danger of Toxic Substances

In the wrong hands, toxic substances like Abrin can be incredibly dangerous. The ease with which one can purchase these substances online makes it even more critical for us to be careful about what we are buying, who we are buying it from, and what we are doing with it.

We should always be aware of potentially dangerous substances, even if we have no intention of using them. Make sure you know what you are purchasing and what you plan to use it for. Even small quantities of some substances can be incredibly lethal, so it’s essential to take care.

What do the experts say?

We reached out to experts who specialize in toxic substances to provide insight into this issue. Dr. Steven Marcus, Executive and Medical Director of the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System and a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, said:

“Abrin is an extraordinarily lethal toxin, and it has no known antidote. Any exposure to it would be considered an emergency and requires immediate medical attention.”

We also spoke to a representative from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. The representative said:

“Poison control centers across the country are prepared to assist with any toxicological crisis. We are staffed by medical professionals who are available to provide assistance and guidance to the public 24/7.”


Jason Siesser’s actions are a stark reminder of the potential dangers that toxic substances can pose in the wrong hands. His actions could have led to the loss of many innocent lives, and it’s scary to think what could have happened had he not been caught in time. We must continue to be vigilant with what we buy and where we buy it from, to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.


Q. Is Abrin easy to produce?

A. No, Abrin is not easy to produce. The process is complex and requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

Q. What are the symptoms of Abrin poisoning?

A. The symptoms of Abrin poisoning can vary but typically include vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures.

Q. Is Abrin more dangerous than ricin?

A. Yes, Abrin is considered more lethal than ricin, another deadly poison.

Q. What are the odds of surviving Abrin poisoning?

A. The chances of surviving Abrin poisoning are minimal. There is no known antidote, and even small amounts of the substance can lead to death.

Q. What is the legal status of Abrin in the USA?

A. Abrin is not illegal in the USA, but it is a highly regulated substance, and purchasing it without proper authorization can lead to severe legal consequences.

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