Who Was Jaumarcus McFarland? Bio, Wiki, Age, Elevator Accident, Death Cause

Jaumarcus McFarland Bio/Wiki

According to Meaww.com, In a strange accident, a teen college prep football player named Jaumarcus McFarland was crushed to death. The culprit was a defective elevator that went into free fall at an Atlanta high-rise building on Tuesday, August 31. The elevator was apparently overdue for maintenance.

The deadly occurrence was witnessed by the deceased’s frightened teammates.

JauMarcus McFarland, a Champion Prep Academy student, was killed when the elevator at 444 Highland Avenue Student Housing crushed him.


He was 18 years old.

How Did Jaumarcus McFarland Die?

The situation happens as he and his teammates boarded the elevator on their way to practice. As he tried to get out, it went into freefall, trapping and crushing him.

On the upper floor of the building, three players boarded the elevator. The elevator then felt as if it was about to start falling before stopping and opening normally on the third floor.

Two of the three players exited the elevator on the third floor, but the elevator began free-falling before McFarland could exit. He was trapped in the shaft for about an hour, jammed between a wall and an elevator car.

Samwel Uko, Cameron Burrell, Mark Eaton, and Olivia Podmore are some of the other athletes whose deaths have recently made headlines.

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Officers arrived to help fire and rescue officials after receiving reports of a person trapped and crushed in the elevator on Tuesday afternoon, according to Atlanta police.

The student was ‘not aware’ but ‘breathing’ after the extrication was accomplished, according to the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, which rushed on the site.

According to a spokesman for the Office of Commissioner of Insurance, in a statement to CBS 46, “Elevators are required to be inspected annually – and it is the responsibility of the permit holder (whether that’s the building owner, manager, etc.) to request an inspection from our office.” Nathan Phillips, Property Manager at the 444 student housing said in a statement, “First, we want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of this young man, his teammates, and his friends. The state inspectors will release their findings in due course, so it would be inappropriate for us to discuss full details until that report is complete. What we can say is the weight capacity of the elevator was 3000 lbs — but the 16 young athletes who were inside the elevator when this occurred pushed that limit to nearly 4000 lbs. Unfortunately, this appears to be what started the domino effect of events leading to the unfortunate death of this young man. This is a horrible tragedy, and it deeply saddens us all that this has happened.” 

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