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Jeffrey Burnham Bio/Wiki

Jeffrey Burnham, the suspect in three homicides in Maryland, was arrested in West Virginia.

Jeffrey Burnham, of Cumberland, was apprehended at 8 a.m. Friday in Ellicott City with the red Corvette police said he stole from the victims.

According to police, he parked the automobile at a motel in Davis, a tiny town.

Burnham flagged down a member of the Tucker County, West Virginia, fire department and claimed he had been forced to kill three individuals, according to officials.


He is 46 years old.

Jeffrey Burnham Killed 3 People Full Details

Burnham was apprehended with the Robinettes’ Chevrolet Corvette at 9 a.m. Friday in Davis, West Virginia, according to police. The vehicle included a gun, which was recovered.

As of Friday, no reason for the killings has been established.

Authorities began seeking for Burnham after he was named as a suspect in the death of Reynolds, who was discovered dead at a Cumberland residence on Wednesday evening.

Investigators followed Burnham’s trail to Howard County, where he was thought to have kinfolk. Burnham’s brother, Brian Robinette, and his wife, Kelly Sue, were found shot to death inside their Ellicott City home on Thursday.

Burnham is suspected of killing Reynolds, driving her car to Ellicott City, and then abandoning it before killing his brother and sister-in-law.

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Jeffrey Burnham is now being held in West Virginia for extradition proceedings.

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