Who is Jeremiah James Taylor? Colorado Man Stole A Patrol Car From A Sheriff’s Station

After allegedly stealing a patrol car while intoxicated and responding to a report about domestic violence, a man named Jeremiah James Taylor from Colorado is facing a number of charges. Early on Monday morning, according to police, Jeremiah James Taylor entered an unmanned Park County Sheriff’s department and stole a 2013 Dodge Durango.

After authorities announced a domestic violence incident, Taylor, 33, then drove the automobile to nearby Teller County. After leading authorities on a 110 mph chase, crashing the Durango and eluding capture for more than two hours, he was apprehended.

What Happened?

Deputies discovered him in the underbrush carrying a knife, DailyMail.com reported. Officers fired rounds and used a taser when a confrontation broke out. After being captured, Taylor was taken to the hospital with self-inflicted knife wounds. Eight counts, including aggravated vehicle theft, were later brought against him.

According to the police, Taylor heard the domestic violence call on the Teller County police channel on Monday just before 3.30 am and drove to the scene.

Around 3.40 a.m., sheriff’s office deputies noticed the patrol car driving down the driveway towards them as they approached the house, which was miles from the scene of the theft of the patrol car.

Taylor accelerated away from the deputies despite their orders for him to stop. When recounting the incident to the TV station, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw stated he was worried about being pursued. He said: “That was one of my biggest concerns,”

“That we were going to have a high-speed pursuit with a law enforcement vehicle crashing into an innocent citizen.”

Around 5.25 am, Taylor was seen again traveling west on Highway 24. This time, a chase started. Before the incident, Taylor reportedly reached speeds of 110 mph and engaged in a number of infractions, including speeding over the median and disregarding traffic signals.

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About 200 yards from the wrecked Durango, deputies discovered him in the bushes. They demanded Taylor to show his hands, and they claim he refused and instead produced a knife.


Taylor was given a command to put down his weapon by the officers, but he disobeyed, leading to a tasing, a gunfight, and finally, his arrest. Throughout the event, no cops were hurt. Aggravated motor vehicle theft, vehicular evading, impersonating a peace officer, obstruction, resistance to arrest, reckless endangerment, second-degree burglary, and reckless driving are among the charges brought against Taylor.

Prior to the theft of the patrol car in Park County, the suspect was also under investigation for a number of other offenses that happened nearby. At the time of the event, Taylor was also on probation for threats, stealing, and DUI. According to the records, his bond was set at $12,000.

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