Who was Kali Cook? Bio, Wiki, Age, 4-year-old Girl Dies From COVID

Kali Cook Bio/Wiki

A 4-year-old Texas girl named Kali Cook died of COVID-19, which the mourning parent believes she caught from her mother, an anti-vaxxer.

other, Karra Harwood.


She was just 4 years old.

4-year-old Texas Girl Kali Cook Dies From COVID

According to the Houston Chronicle, the mother’s life has been shattered. She said, “Kali was perfectly fine, and then she was gone,”

“It took her so fast.”

Harwood stated she had tested positive the day before, and she and her fiancé, William Tucker, were already off of work and quarantining at home because they were sick.

Kali, her brother, and her 5-month-old sister, she told the Galveston County Daily News, were all afflicted.

She reported the shots to her local newspaper, “I was one of the people that was anti, I was against it,”

She added, “Now, I wish I never was,”

Kali Cook Is The First Child Who Died From COVID

According to local health officials, Kali was the first child to die of COVID-19 in Galveston County during the pandemic, which has resulted in almost 50,000 verified cases and more than 470 deaths.

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The death of the child was confirmed by area health officer Philip Keiser, according to the Galveston County Daily News. He said, “This is a terrible thing, but I think people need to know about it,”

Keiser added, “It’s very important, if your kids are sick, not to say, ‘Oh, they’re going to be OK,’ ”

“If your kids are sick, go seek out medical care.”

Kali had only recently begun pre-kindergarten lessons, but officials said there is no evidence she became sick there. According to the findings, contact tracing has revealed that she was not in contact with anyone who was sick other than her family.

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