Who is Kelly Ernby’s Husband Axel Mattias Ernby? Family And Death

Axel Mattias Ernby Bio/Wiki

Axel Mattias Ernby is the husband of Deputy District Attorney and GOP activist Kelly Ernby.

Photo Credit: FB/Kelly Ernby

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby of Orange County died after getting COVID-19. She was a staunch opponent of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The chairman of the Greater Costa Mesa Republicans, Ben Chapman, tweeted on Monday, “My heart is broken and I’m in tears. I lost a dear friend to Covid complications. I love you @KellyErnby! You’ve been nothing but an inspiration to many of us here in Orange County.”

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Kelly Ernby was 46 years old and her husband Axel Mattias Ernby is around 48-50 years old.


It was not immediately clear if they had any children. However, it is known through various social media that they have no children.

Kelly Ernby And Axel Mattias Ernby

According to Axel Mattias Ernby’s Facebook, he is working in a place called Urban Science. He graduated from Stockholm University. He currently resides in Huntington Beach, California.

Ernby, a Huntington Beach resident, had worked as a deputy district attorney for more than a decade, focusing on environmental law and consumer protection issues, according to the Register.

In 2020, Ernby ran for the Assembly as a “pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider” who sought to “establish conservative values in California.”

She became active in local GOP politics after losing her primary, taking on leadership roles in the party’s Precinct Operations and Voter Registration committees.

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Kelly Ernby’s Husband Axel Mattias Ernby Said She Wasn’t Vaccinated

According to remarks her husband made on social media, Kelly Ernby was not vaccinated when she died early this week after getting COVID-19.

Supervisor Don Wagner of Orange County’s Third District spoke with Ernby at an anti-mandate demonstration in Irvine on Dec. 4, “I intend to continue, if invited, speaking out against the mandates, and also saying that my choice is to get vaccinated and I believe that should be the choice most people make, absent a genuine health concern or absent a religious objection,”

When Ernby’s death was announced on Monday, it was unclear whether she had been vaccinated.

Friends and coworkers reached by the Register only knew that the Huntington Beach resident was against vaccine mandates well before COVID-19, having campaigned against them as early as 2019.

Ernby’s family has yet to be contacted for comment.

Her husband, Axel Mattias Ernby, revealed her vaccination status on Facebook in response to erroneous allegations about Ernby’s death, which has elicited reactions from people on both sides of the political spectrum wanting a poster child for their ideas.

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