Who is Kirill Tereshin? Bio, Wiki, Age, Russian Popeye, Fake Biceps

Kirill Tereshin Bio/Wiki

An ex-Russian soldier named Kirill Tereshin is known as “Popeye” has been informed that unless lumps of hardened petroleum jelly and dead muscle from his unnaturally large biceps are surgically removed, he would die.

Kirill Tereshin utilized injections to make himself look like a superhero, but now he’s suffering the price, which might include losing his limbs or worse.


He is 25 years old.

Kirill Tereshin Faces Death Warning And Why?

He’s already had his false triceps removed, but now he’ll have the first of several operations to remove deadly huge implants from his biceps.

The six liters of synthetic petroleum jelly put into his body saturated his muscles and pierced the skin tissues and the skin itself, obstructing blood flow and leaving Tereshin with a fever and agony.

Dmitry Melnikov, a surgeon, gave the ex-soldier a firm warning, “The risk of complications in this case is very high. But inaction will not help the patient.”

“A toxic substance in the body long term can complicate the kidneys and lead to death.”

Tereshin had three liters of Synthol injected into each of his arms.

Mr. Tereshin’s arms will keep moving after his life-saving surgery, but his phony bulked-up muscles will be gone forever.

Tereshin, also known as Bazooka in his homeland, is shown in a video getting a CT scan before his current operation in Moscow. The treatment will remove the solidified petroleum jelly that he had injected into his left arm.

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Tereshin is shown bare-chested in the video, with a new tattoo of his beloved Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, 77, on his muscular arm. He said, “Soon I will have a very complicated, hard third surgery,”

“I don’t know how it’ll end up.”

Tereshin also says that he needs to ‘get rid’ of the ‘nightmare’ he created for himself. He confessed, “I bulked up my arms when I was 20 due to my own stupidity. I did not think about the consequences.”

Famous Russian WAG Alana Mamaeva, 33, a crusader for victims of botched plastic surgery who was once married to Russian football player Pavel Mamaev, urged Tereshin to’save his life’ and remove the implants.

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