Who is Laura Weiss? Bio, Wiki, Age, Made Chandeliers With Used Modern Vaccine Vials

Laura Weiss Bio/Wiki

In August, a Colorado nurse named Laura Weiss strung together 400 cleaned-out Moderna vials to form a gleaming chandelier. When Boulder County Public Health shared her artwork on Facebook last week, she had no idea what to expect.

According to Nypost, Laura Weiss said, “The first thing I did was to share pictures with colleagues. They asked if they could post it on Facebook, and now it has reached something like 9 million people,”


She is 33 years old.

How Laura Weiss Made Chandeliers With Used Modern Vaccine Vials?

She said the chandelier is made up of roughly 400 vials of coronavirus vaccine that she obtained after going through numerous rounds of clearances and ensuring they were safe, clean, properly handled, and secure.

The “Light of Appreciation” chandelier has divided the Internet, with some Facebook commenters calling it “hopeful” and others calling it “disturbing.” Nypost reported.

According to Nypost, Laura Weiss said, “Honestly, the craziest part has been the controversy. It tapped a nerve,”

“It is transparent that there is a very, very sharp divide between people’s thoughts on vaccinating.”

Weiss said to the NyPost, “The vials were going to be thrown away. I thought they were really beautiful and wanted to do something with them,”

The nurse who gave the two-dose vaccine during the coronavirus pandemic then acquired the chandelier base for $20 on Craigslist, she claimed. She added, “I knew I wanted to do a light of some kind because it has been a dark year for so many people,”

She now has the ornate light in her living room, but she and her employer have been approached by physicians, restaurants, and even Moderna about possible public uses, she added. Moderna did not reply to a request for comment from The Washington Post.

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