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Lee Martyn And Sophie Bio/Wiki

A heartbroken relative of a father named Lee Martyn and a baby daughter named Sophie murdered in the Plymouth mass shooting has written a moving tribute to the couple.

Gunman Jake Davison, 22, killed five people in the Keyham area of the city on Thursday evening, including Lee Martyn and his three-year-old daughter Sophie.

Sophie was pushing a toy pram, and her father sought to protect her as they were shot and killed, only seconds after Davison killed his own mother.


Lee Martyn was 43 years old and his daughter Sophie was 3 years old.

Plymouth Shooting Victim

Jess Morcom, a journalist for PlymouthLive and Mr. Martyn’s cousin, told the website that her “heart hurts” thinking about Sophie’s life being cut short.

In her honor, Ms. Morcom said, “I physically cannot believe I am writing these words and have re written this so many times struggling to find the right ones.”

“This is only something you hear about happening miles away from home, and you never ever think it will be your family.”

“When someone passes it’s often the norm to say how they were the world’s nicest person etc etc, but I really do mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that that was Lee.”

“He had the kindest heart, would do anything for anybody and you only had to take one look at him to see how much he loved and adored his family, Bex [his wife Becky] and his children.”

According to Mirror.co.uk Mr. Martyn has always been there for Ms. Morcom and her partner, she said, and she couldn’t thank him enough. She said, “I was always so proud to be able to say you were my cousin. The world is going to be a much darker place without you in it.”

She continued, “Beautiful little Soph my darling, how truly blessed we all were to have seen you grow into such a beautiful funny and clever girl for the three years that we had with you.

“My heart hurts so much thinking about how it should have been so many more. I will miss your cheekiness and your dancing the most.

“I will think of you both every single day for the rest of my life. Our family will never be the same.”

As her family mourns Sophie and Mr. Martyn, who also had a young kid, Ms. Morcom told respondents to “hold your loved ones a little tighter, tell them you love them more.”

She added, “Right now I would give absolutely anything to go back to the last time I saw them.”

“It really is the best people that get taken too soon. I hope you’re both up there dancing in the sky far from any evil and reunited with your mum Lee, I know that you two and Auntie Chris will be watching over us all forever. We will take care of Bex and Cayden. Sleep tight.

Mrs. Martyn and her son have been supported by a JustGiving website, which has raised almost £12,500 as of Sunday morning.

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