Leonardo Garcia Bojorquez Biography: Wiki, Age, Arrested, Sexually Abused His 4 month old Baby Details

Who is Leonardo Garcia Bojorquez? Leonardo Garcia Bojorquez Bio/Wiki

Leonardo García Bojorquez, from central Mexico, was arrested after the discovery of the body of the dead baby he was looking after in the family home.

He allegedly started sexually assaulting her while alone with his daughter.

He then smothered her until asphyxiation killed her. Proof of a sexual assault by him as well as evidence of suffocation was found in a post-mortem review.


His age is unknown.

Sexually Abused His 4-month-old Baby Full Details

According to the inquiry, on February 8, 2019, when he planned to rape her and, later, suffocate her until she was killed, Leonardo lived under the protection of his daughter in a home in the Privadas del Valle neighborhood.

An investigative folder for these events was launched after the body was discovered, through which agents of the Public Ministry of the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office for Femicide of the State of Mexico managed to gather the evidence to incriminate the mentor of the little girl.


He was then arrested by police and refused bail because it was perceived that he posed a threat to the public.

He was convicted of infanticide following a hearing and jailed for 93 years. He was also ordered to pay reparation fines of £19,107 and £8,406 and his civil and voting rights were revoked.

According to some figures, in North America, an average of 11 women and children are killed every day.

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