Lorna Brooke Jockey lorna brooke in 'serious but stable' condition after fall at

Jockey Lorna Brooke in 'serious but stable' condition after fall at

Jockey Lorna Brooke In 'serious But Stable' Condition After Fall At

Lorna Brooke: A True Representation of Strength and Resilience

Are you familiar with the name Lorna Brooke? If you’re a horse racing fan, then you may have heard about her recent and unfortunate incident of falling off during the race. Lorna Brooke is a renowned jockey who has earned an enormous name and fame in the world of horse racing. Currently, she’s in serious but stable condition, and the whole world is praying for her speedy recovery. In this blog post, we’ll shed some light on Lorna Brooke life journey, her accomplishments and challenges, and what you can do to support her during this tough time.

Early Life and Career

Lorna Brooke was born on August 31, 1996, in Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom. From a very young age, she had an innate passion for horse riding and horse racing. She started her career as a horse rider at the tender age of seven and won numerous competitions. In 2015, Brooke secured her conditional jockey’s license and started her professional career in horse racing. Her early career was plagued with injuries and setbacks, but that never shattered her determination and courage.

Accomplishments and Challenges

Lorna Brooke has a remarkable achievement in horse racing, including over 155 career wins. She dedicated her victory to her father, who was involved in an accident and passed away while she was in New Zealand. Brooke regards that moment as her most memorable career highlight. Unfortunately, her career was plagued with falls and injuries. In 2016, she tumbled over while riding in Worcester, which resulted in a broken collarbone, ribs, and punctured lungs. However, that never stopped her from pursuing her passion and dreams.

Jockey Lorna Brooke’s Fall

The horse racing world was left speechless after Lorna Brooke faced a fatal fall while riding Orchestrated in a race at Taunton. The incident involved almost all the medical staff, and Lorna Brooke was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. As of now, she’s stable and off the ventilator, but her family is asking the world to continue praying for her speedy recovery.

The World’s Response to Lorna Brooke’s Fall

Lorna Brooke has received immense support from the horse racing community and other people worldwide. Racing Wales also expressed their support on behalf of horse racing fans. The community launched an initiative named GoFundMe to raise funds for her speedy recovery, which raised an enormous amount.

How to Support Lorna Brooke

You can contribute to Lorna Brooke’s recovery by sending your donations to the GoFundMe page initiated for her. This page has over 2,700 donors from all over the world, proving how loved and cherished she is. Donating will help Lorna Brooke cover various medical expenses and start her journey towards rehabilitation.


In conclusion, Lorna Brooke is an exceptional talent and a true representation of strength and resilience. She has inspired many women interested in horse racing as a career and shown remarkable courage in the face of adversity. Her career journey has shown that nothing is impossible if you’re determined, passionate, and hardworking. From winning numerous victories to facing life-scare threatening injuries, Lorna Brooke has shown everyone that you can conquer everything if you believe and work hard for it.

FAQs after Conclusion

1. What Is the GoFundMe Page Created for Lorna Brooke?

The GoFundMe page is initiated to give people and fans from all around the world a chance to help support Lorna Brooke’s recovery. The funds will cover all medical expenses and other additional expenses required during her recovery process.

2. How Much Has Been Raised on the GoFundMe Page for Lorna Brooke?

The GoFundMe page raised over 18,000 pounds in two days, supported by around 2,700 donors from around the world. The numbers are still increasing daily, which signifies how much she means to her fans and the horse racing industry.

3. Is There Any Other Way to Support Lorna Brooke at the Moment?

You can show your support to Lorna Brooke and her family by sending them messages of hope, prayers and well wishes during this tough time.

4. How Long Will Lorna Brooke Take to Recover from Her Injuries?

Lorna Brooke’s recovery process is uncertain, but she’s said to be in stable condition and off the ventilator. Her recovery is going to be an extended process that requires attention, care, and proper medical support.

5. What Is Lorna Brooke’s Achievements So Far?

Lorna Brooke has achieved various victories in her career, including over 155 career wins. Her most memorable moment was when she dedicated her victory to her father after winning a race in New Zealand.

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