Who are Marina And Robbie Morgan? Sydney Bride Killed In Golf Buggy Accident On Honeymoon

Marina And Robbie Morgan Wiki

In a terrifying golf buggy tragedy, a newlywed bride lost her life while on her honeymoon. When their buggy overturned on June 20 while attempting a U-turn, Marina Morgan, 29, and her new husband Robbie was on a dream vacation. Although Morgan, the driver, was unharmed, his new wife passed away on the spot.

At the northern tip of Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia, the accident happened on Whitsunday Boulevard. She had 35 minutes of CPR from a doctor, an off-duty dentist, and an off-duty firefighter, but nothing could be done.

Bride Killed In Golf Buggy Accident On Honeymoon

Just ten days prior, the Strathfield, Sydney, natives were married. Speaking to the media, Queensland Police Inspector Anthony Cowan said the death was a tragic accident and there was no sign of intoxication or reckless driving. He said: “It was just a tragic accident with a golf buggy,”

He added: “There may have been some inexperience driving those type of vehicles while turning it has rolled on its side and the woman has fallen out and sustained life-threatening injuries.”

“It just appears inexperience in driving that type of vehicle, turned too quick and rolled on its side and unfortunately, it has ended up with this result.”

How Did Marina Morgan Die?

Inspector Cowan verified that the woman was not using a seat belt when the collision occurred. Cowan said: “It appears there was no seatbelt worn at this point in time; we come back to the Fatal Five but now is not the time to dwell on what they should have done.”

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Inspector Cowan confirmed that Robbie had indeed made a U-turn, and speculated that he might have done so because the car’s battery was getting low and he wanted to get back to a charging station. He said: “While turning around the buggy went on its side. No collision, no other vehicles involved and no indication of dangerous driving or alcohol,”


Alcohol was not involved, according to investigators, and there was no evidence of hazardous driving. Golf buggies are the primary mode of transportation on the island and may be rented for a modest charge with no prior experience required. Seatbelts are standard on all of them.

Due to the severity of the woman’s injuries, a rescue chopper from nearby Townsville was brought in to transport her to the hospital. Hamilton Island is a famous tourist attraction located about 55 kilometers off the coast of Queensland, near the Great Barrier Reef.


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