Who is Mark Kobylinski? Bio, Wiki, Age, Filmed Tornado

Mark Kobylinski Bio/Wiki

When an EF-3 tornado ripped through Mullica Hill, NJ, last week, making good on Hurricane Ida’s vow to wreak havoc on the northeast US, Mark Kobylinski unintentionally created a scary home-movie rendition of the 1996 cult thriller.

As of Wednesday, the now-viral video, which was originally posted in its entirety on Facebook, has 1.2m views, 21k shares, and more than 27k likes.


He is 51 years old.

Mark Kobylinski Filmed Tornado Full Video

The video showing a menacing cloud coming and eventually wrecking his home was captioned by Kobylinski, “Long video but shows the Mullica Hill tornado [making a] direct hit on our home,”

“Incredible damage. Our neighborhood has been devastated but everyone is safe!”

When the winds reached “sounds like a freight train” levels, Pitman, NJ resident Kobylinski sought shelter in the basement with the family dog.

In the pitch blackness, he can be heard shouting, “Holy s–t, s–t, f–k,” his voice rising several octaves in dread as he tries to corral his rambunctious puppy to safety. Kobylinski, gasping for oxygen, lets out a final, “Holy s–t,” before emerging from the cellar to assess the damage.

The terrifying footage then shows him expressing surprise when he sees his home without windows as siding, roofing, and other debris floats through the air deceptively light-looking.

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“Oh. As the winds whip around Kobylinski, the only words he can muster are “My. God.” In the distance, a neighbor’s house appeared to have lost its outer covering.

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