Who is Mary MacMillan? Bio, Wiki, Age, Graduation Smile Video Full Details

Mary MacMillan Bio/Wiki

A video of a fake smile during high school graduation has gone viral. As she collects her graduation, it shows a young Delaware lady named Mary MacMillan flashing what appears to be a short, fake smile.

Her smile suddenly fades into a pout, which some have taken as a metaphor for how many people feel. The video will be available later in this article. Many individuals can identify with the feelings depicted in the video. This is especially true for the generation of high school students who grew up during a pandemic.


She is around 18-20 years old.

Graduation Smile Video Full Details

@marymacmillanthe moment i lived for ##homechef ##NotOneThing ##quarantine ##lol ##ew ##highechoolmusical

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

“The moment I lived for #homechef #NotOneThing #quarantine #lol #ew #highechoolmusical,” she captioned the video. The video was first shared in 2020, and MacMillan is now a Delaware college student. In June 2021, it got viral once more. Mary MacMillan, who goes by the handle @marymacmillan, shared the video with TikTok.

It shows her in a white gown stepping forward to receive her graduation before flashing a false smile for the cameras that swiftly vanishes. The TikTok video is included below.

More than 17 million people have seen and 4 million people liked MacMillan’s TikTok video. MacMillan’s TikTok page has 52,000 followers.

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