Who is Max Julien’s Wife Arabella Chavers? Family & Death Cause

Who is Arabella Chavers?

Arabella Chavers is the wife of American actor Max Julien.

Maxwell Banks, also known by his stage name Max Julien, was an American actor, sculptor, and clothing designer best known for his performance as Goldie in the blaxploitation film The Mack, released in 1973.

Julien has also guest-starred on TV episodes such as The Mod Squad, The Bold Ones: The Protectors, and One on One, as well as Def Jam’s How to Be a Player.


Max Julien was 88 years old and his wife Arabella Chavers is around 73-75 years old.


They have no children.

Max Julien And Arabella Chavers

From 1974 through 1977, Max Julien was in a live-in relationship with actress Vonetta McGee.

Later that year, in 1991, he married Arabella Chavers.

He began his stage career on New York City’s Off-Broadway circuit, where he appeared in Joseph Papp’s Shakespeare-In-The-Park.

Moving west to Hollywood, he co-starred with Jack Nicholson in Psych-Out and Candice Bergen in Columbia’s box-office smash Getting Straight.

He wrote and directed a documentary called Trestevre while in Rome, Italy, and then wrote the screenplay for, and later co-produced, Warner Brothers’ blaxploitation classic Cleopatra Jones, starring actress Tamara Dobson in the title role as a narcotics agent who was as skilled in martial arts as she was with firearms.

Julien refused to participate in the sequel, Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold, so he was given credit for the film’s story and script, which were both “based on characters invented by Max Julien.”

How Did Max Julien Die?

David F. Walker, a comic book writer, and director who knew Julien confirmed his death. Walker paid respect to the late actor on his Instagram profile.

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An official cause of death could not be confirmed right away.


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Walker wrote, “I met Max in 1996,”

“He was a great human being and we had so many amazing conversations. He was brilliant and hilarious and charismatic. R.I.P.”

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