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Authorities reported Friday that a Long Island mother named Melissa Molinari of four who had been missing for weeks had been found fatally stabbed about two dozen times, and her husband named Marcello Molinari is now facing murder charges.

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Melissa Molinari was reported missing by Suffolk County Police on Dec. 2, 11 days after she was last seen at her Lolly Lane home in Centereach.


Marcello Molinari is 43 years old and Melissa Molinari was 38 years old.


WABC stated that cops suspect she was stabbed around 20 times by her husband just days after Nov. 21 in their basement, where blood and other evidence were discovered.

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Authorities say they discovered the mother’s body in the Rocky Point Barrens State Forest off Currans Road in Middle Island on Thursday.

According to cops, her husband, Marcello Molinari, 43, had visited the same woodland location just two weeks prior on the morning of November 23.

Marcello Molinari Arrested And Charged

Marcello was apprehended and charged with murder in the second degree. According to sources, he was jailed without bail following his arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on Friday.

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According to reports, prosecutors suspect Marcello began planning the murder in early November after discovering his wife was having an affair during a trip to Disney World.

Prosecutors claim Marcello looked for nations where he couldn’t be extradited for homicide.

Christopher Gioe, a defense attorney, claimed there could be constitutional difficulties with Marcello’s detention.

According to ABC, Gioe said, “The first time he was given an attorney was here at the courthouse,”

“He’s informed me that he has asked for an attorney from the beginning of this investigation and he was denied the entire time.”

He added, “There’s certainly going to be an investigation conducted by the defense in this case and we’re certainly going to proceed forward with a trial in this manner.”

Melissa Molinari’s body was taken to the medical examiner’s office in Suffolk County, where an autopsy will be performed.

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