Who was Nicole Flanagan,42? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Dead

Nicole Flanagan Bio/Wiki

Nicole Flanagan, a high-end escort, was recently discovered dead on the streets of New Jersey. Police discovered the woman’s nude body in a 55-gallon barrel at Teaneck Road and Hobart Street on August 13, 2021.

The shocking discovery was made after neighbors of Ridgefield Park saw an odd container at the end of the road and complained of a terrible odor, according to New Jersey Police.


She was 42 years old.

Found Dead Full Details

A man was observed rolling out the strange barrel on a baggage rack from the 95 Wall Street building the night before the discovery, according to surveillance footage from the night before the discovery. Around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday, the container was loaded into a U-Haul van.

The security guard reportedly interrogated the man about the luggage, but the man informed the guard that he was on his way.

The enormous barrel, along with a pile of debris, was thrown on a New Jersey road. After removing the barrel’s lid, an on-duty police officer discovered Nicole Flanagan’s body. On the night of her death, Flanagan was also captured on a surveillance camera. She was last seen entering the building with a member of the infamous Snow Gang, according to the Daily Mail. Several gang members had previously been convicted of illegal weapon possession, racketeering, gun violence, and attempted murder.

The posh building where Nicole Flanagan was photographed with the alleged SNOW member has been under police observation, according to the NYPD. The 22-story structure houses offices as well as rental Airbnb flats.

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The top level of the high-end skyscraper in Manhattan’s business center was previously raided by police.

Nicole Flanagan apparently moved into the building with two guys in their early twenties, according to the New York Post. The man allegedly overheard them bickering in the past, and Flanagan afterward left. In this case, police are looking for suspects.

Flanagan has a criminal record, having previously been arrested for p*ostitution and drug-related offenses.

She was a mother of three children as well. Ray Underwood, her ex-boyfriend, told the Daily Mail that she was a kind mother:

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